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Accenture’s SMB series has gone global: our study finds that if enterprises can get three key actions right, they can unlock and win SMBs globally, at scale

Here are the surprising SMB similarities we found across the globe:

1. The SMB/enterprise relationship gap persists

The trust, care, understanding, and relationship perception gap between SMBs and enterprises, unearthed in our US research, persists globally.

*Proportion of SMBs who do not purchase products from enterprise partners.Source: Accenture Proprietary Research. SMB-Enterprise Global Survey.

2. SMBs want personalization

The majority of SMBs pointed to personalization across the purchase journey, from discovery to support, as a top factor for gaining their business.

N=5,048. Respondents that strongly agree, agree or are neutral to paying more for better customer support.Source: Accenture Proprietary Research. SMB-Enterprise Global Survey.

3. Digital savviness is crucial for SMB success

Both within the US and globally, SMBs’ common focus on growing revenues, retaining customers, and finding new ones is more challenging than ever.

Global SMB similarities reveal a blueprint for unlocking the global SMB opportunity at scale

1. Relationship development

SMBs globally share a strong desire to work with and spend with enterprises with which they have a genuine, trusted relationship.

2. Personalization

Among SMBs, there is an emphatic, universal demand for more personalized products and interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

3. Digital savviness

Across the globe, SMBs have a growing need to increase their digital acumen and savviness.

These similarities reveal clear success factors that will work equally well for SMBs in all markets:

N=5,048. Source: Accenture Proprietary Research. SMB-Enterprise Global Survey.

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About the Authors

Stephanie Gorski

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms


Manager – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms


Consultant – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms

Caroline Olivero

Manager – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms

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