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Digital industrial workforce

Are you empowering your people with data and AI?

The pressure got intensified by a global event

Unplanned downtime

Essential staff can be sick or self-quarantined, leaving the site at risk and missing essential competencies.

Productivity loss from collaboration restrictions

Reduced site staff limits the ability for non-essential staff to support and problem solve for efficient plant operation.

Asset reliability

Reduced staffing and turnaround delays put pressure on the workforce. This further exposes the site to the risk of safety and security incidents.


Reduced site staffing, may add to worker fatigue due to increased stress levels with new and additional worker routine responsibilities.

Ways of working changes

Leaders and workers will need to adjust work practices and schedules to follow hygiene, remote working and/or physical distancing requirements.

Travel restrictions

Critical skilled resources may not be available due to imposed travel restrictions in different countries.

Seize the benefits of a truly digital workforce!

We offer a range of intelligent solutions

Workforce strategy

Helping clients develop a new workforce vision, strategy, road map, and operating model while ensuring that they refocus their capital and efforts towards the right digital initiatives.

Workforce execution

Helping clients arm their workers with the right digital tools and technologies to make the best use of their time and knowledge, in learning and on the field.

Workforce management

Helping clients achieve visibility, accountability and workforce optimization by use of real-time data to dynamically plan and execute work in an agile fashion.

Workforce planning & monitoring

Helping clients achieve full, real-time visibility of their site and workforce.

Workforce safety, security & compliance

Helping clients prevent and manage safety incidents and security breaches, and ensure that the right compliance controls are implemented to reduce the chance of such events.

Industrial site connectivity & IoT

Help clients build a connectivity strategy, road map and infrastructure that allows a seamless integration between the plant, equipment and workers.

What the workforce thinks


of highly skilled workers speak positively about the impact intelligent technologies will have on their work.


of lower-skilled workers also speak positively about the impact intelligent technologies will have on their work.

Case studies

BP powers productivity with digital transformation

BP implemented two innovative products to keep its people safe while working faster and more reliably.

Airbus soars with wearables

Accenture helped Airbus use wearable technology to optimize aircraft assembly and strengthen its competitive advantage.

Awards & recognition


IDC MarketScape names Accenture a smart manufacturing services leader

A Worldwide leader in this 2021 report. Find out more.


Verdantix 2020 green quadrant for operational excellence digital services

A leader in ’Operational Excellence Digital Services’ market worldwide.

HfS top ten report for industry 4.0 services 2019

Accenture ranked No.1 overall for Industry 4.0 Services in 2019.

What we think

Together makes better

Explore how to better connect your business functions.

Scale digital innovation like a champion

Accenture finds industrial & manufacturing companies that apply digital innovation to existing & developing operations scale digital & drive growth.

AI turns ordinary products into industry game-changers

Our latest research reveals how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the power behind digital reinvention.

Our leaders

Scott Tvaroh

Managing Director – Industry X, Digital Industrial Workforce lead, Global and North America

Rajesh Ramamurthi

Managing Director – Industry X, Digital Industrial Workforce, Technology Lead​