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Busting automotive sustainability myths

September 6, 2021


In brief

Customer preferences toward sustainability are forcing automakers to develop new strategies

Nearly two-thirds of drivers are very environmentally concerned, which will likely affect their buying decisions for new vehicles and for servicing. Further, these "sustainability-minded drivers" span all age groups, areas, and income levels.

Automakers’ myths about customers preferences are just that—myths:

Evolving product portfolio

Evolve their product portfolios toward NEVs and improve the digital experience across all points of sale to meet changing driver preferences.

Integrating sustainability

Integrate sustainability into the entire customer lifecycle, not just the vehicle itself.

Alter communication

Embed sustainability into—and most importantly, communicate it broadly across—the brand.

Rethink pricing strategies

Seize the margin potentials in sales and service operations, knowing that customers are willing to pay more for sustainability.

Automakers can’t afford to be reactive

Meet the team

Alexander Huber

Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting Lead Mobility

Johannes Trenka

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, CEO & Enterprise Strategy

Daniel Tegtmeyer

Senior Manager – Mobility Industry

Paul Willisch

Strategy Manager – CEO & Enterprise Strategy

Fritsch Patrick

Strategy Consultant – CEO & Enterprise Strategy