Talent strategy & development

Leveraging AI and analytics to develop skilled workforces that create value through and for people.

Always ready for change

The pace and scale of change today is creating significant opportunity and widespread uncertainty. Leading businesses are also responding to the now urgent mandate to create positive impact beyond profit – promoting equity and connection that leaves their people and communities net better off.

Thriving in this environment requires rapid adaptation and rapid adaptation requires readiness. Organizations that cultivate a culture of learning that is continuous, inclusive, diverse, and digitally-enabled empower their people today and ready them for tomorrow.

In collaboration with our partners, Accenture provides organizations with AI, workforce planning, and technology solutions to identify and anticipate skill gaps and create the personalized learning and upskilling experiences they need to create lasting change by helping their people and communities realize their full potential.

Accenture ranked #1 in HFS Top 10 Employee Experience Services for execution, innovation and alignment and ranked #2 for voice of the customer.

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Explore the transformation of how, where and why we work

Case studies

We worked with Immersion Neuroscience to apply a wearable that measures employee engagement.

Accenture worked with Walmart, Unilever, SkyHive and World Economic Forum to launch a pilot program to create more opportunities for people.

Accenture and Henkel successfully developed and implemented a global learning initiative, upskilling more than 10,000 managers in digital.

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Talent strategy

Ensure organizations have the right talent for sustainable growth by building AI-powered talent strategies.

Talent acquisition

To find, attract, and secure the talent needed for sustainable growth by creating modern, engaging, and inclusive experiences.

Talent management

Advance individual and organizational growth through career development, high potential retention, succession planning and performance management.

Talent development

Build skilled talent for current and future work by creating cultures of continuous learning enabled by AI and digital capabilities.

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Our strategic investments

Accenture’s exclusive investment program, Project Spotlight, helps address our clients’ largest innovation gaps. We invest in and co-innovate with promising software startups to scale innovative talent and skilling solutions for maximum impact. Investments include:

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FutureofU: Skills. Jobs. Growth.

A collaboration to facilitate the return to work

In the spotlight

Solutions.AI for Talent & Skilling

Helping people embrace change with AI-powered upskilling. Learn more.

People + Work Connect

Helping people get back to work. Learn more.

Accenture Academy

We create agile learning solutions to guide clients through transformation. Find out what’s possible. Learn more.

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See how Accenture is helping Henkel foster growth

What we think

Workforce blog

The people-centric M&A integration advantage

Successful acquirers need to sharpen their approach to the people-centric aspects of integration. Accenture’s Danielle Miller recommends 4 keys to success.

A caring economy can yield a three trillion GDP boost

A renewed focus on social sector jobs benefits people and business. Accenture’s Mary Kate Morley Ryan explains how.

5 ways for leaders to care for people as the Ukraine war continues

Leaders can practice compassionate leadership and navigate the business impact of the war in Ukraine. Accenture’s Tim Good offers 5 principles.

Building the social workforce of tomorrow

Socioeconomic conditions are leading to rising inequality and an uneven distribution of resources revealing more social jobs are needed to meet demand.

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