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Change core business processes and elevate the workforce with AI automation.

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Radically change how you operate to boost productivity by 3-10X

Forty percent of companies report talent shortages that impact their ability to adapt and innovate. At the same time, the global pandemic has increased paperwork volume and complexity by 10-100X. With businesses under pressure to significantly reduce costs and increase output, a strong case can be made for enhancing the workforce with AI.

Solutions.AI for Processing emulates and complements the human workforce with intelligent automation. Far beyond the efficiency gains of RPA, the solution creates step-change industry outcomes by assisting with repetitive, labor-intensive tasks so human jobs can be elevated, specialized and reimagined for maximum strategic impact.

Whether enabling a telecommunications company to facilitate more quality human interactions, a bank to drastically improve compliance and auditability, or a government agency to handle spikes in claims, the AI-powered workforce is crucial for any organization looking to grow profitably, and quickly.

Solutions.AI for Processing Explained

Solutions.AI for processing at a glance

A brief demo of our Processing solution.

AI 101: What is Intelligent Automation?

"By applying a range of AI technologies, we have built a solution that has drastically reduced the waiting time for customers. We're thrilled to be able to exceed the expectations of our customers while at the same time operating smarter and more efficiently."

– VIBEKE SILJAN KROHN, SCOO, Nordea Life & Pensions, Norway.

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IDEAS for a radically human future
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What we deliver

We create a human + machine workforce to help eliminate the trade-offs between speed, quality and cost.

Operational excellence

Intelligent automation eliminates unnecessary capex spend, reduces processing times and increases the accuracy of problem identification / resolution – all in service of accelerating and scaling business value.

Scalable workforce productivity

AI workforces process 5x larger volumes, scaling up as new business needs arise to help an organization quickly act-on new opportunities.

Augmented employee experience

Employees are elevated to “AI trainers” who supervise the AI systems that handle common inquiries and flag nuanced cases for human intervention.

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Our solutions are pre-built for multiple industries including: Health, Insurance, Public Service, Banking, Software + Platforms, and Utilities.

The AI impact

We accelerate value capture for our clients by offloading labor-intensive, error-prone, and repetitive work to an AI-powered workforce.


up to 10x increase in speed and productivity


reduction in processing costs


accuracy improvement

"Organizations that reimagine the relationship between humans and AI—rather than simply replace people with machines—can improve operations by 10x, not just 10%."

— CYRILLE BATALLER, Solutions.AI for Processing Lead

Client spotlight

Unearthing the past with artificial intelligence

Accenture teamed up with the Arolsen Archives, which is dedicated to identifying and remembering the countless victims who perished during the Holocaust, to implement an AI solution that reduces the 15-minute process of extracting and uploading documents to 20 seconds. With more than 950 Accenture volunteers participating across more than 70 cities and six continents, we’re truly committed to the idea that every name counts.

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At a glance

Solutions.AI for Processing
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Our capabilities

Our solution powers processes across four areas in 14+ languages and is supported by IP including 23 patents and 16 pending patents.

Process discovery

Identify opportunities to simplify, standardize, and automate as-is business processes through data-driven discovery.

Robotic process automation

Employ AI bots to automate business processes, tackling highly repetitive tasks quickly and accurately.

Document automation

Process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents for fast and accurate data extraction and routing.

Image automation

Provide real-time alerts and insights through accurate analysis of satellite, aerial or other imagery, and video content.

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What we think

The Automation Advantage

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With the rise of AI-powered automation, enterprises have the opportunity to reap the benefits of a virtual workforce.

The Virtual Workforce: Why build when you can rent

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Our ecosystem partners

We seamlessly integrate with a variety of ecosystem partners and platforms to enable greater flexibility and speed to results.

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