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COVID-19: Boost agility with supply chain planning

April 20, 2020

In brief

How is COVID-19 affecting supply chain planning?

Five key areas for immediate action

1. Put people first

2. Leverage data to improve visibility

3. Define segmentation to prioritize demand

4. Build a sales & ops SWAT team

5. Evaluate supply chain scenarios

What’s next for supply chain planning

Evolve digital to unlock your data

Evolve digital platforms to unlock the value of your data. Invest in digital technologies and applied intelligence to enable real-time visibility and enhance decision making in planning and execution. This will improve the agility and responsiveness of the supply chain.

Rethink the operating model

Transform supply chain planning with better collaboration across the entire value chain. To achieve this, use new planning capabilities (including data science, integrated network planning, and scenario analytics).

Build an asset-light network

Network flexibility is the key to a responsive and resilient supply chain. Evaluate the network to identify flexible production and co-manufacturing opportunities as well as additional suppliers to strengthen the supply base with reduced risk. Consider options for flexible warehouse and distribution capacity by leveraging third parties, or dynamic and flexible fulfillment.

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