Your 5G Journey

Don’t let the name fool you…it’s not just another ‘G’. Are you ready for the coming 5G revolution?

5G’s impact on the U.S. economy

5G – the world’s next technological breakthrough

The capabilities offered by 5G enable a variety of use cases, paving the way for the economy to realize the cross-industry benefits of magnified connectivity. According to Accenture’s latest research, the impact of 5G on the United States economy will drive up to $2.7 trillion in additional gross output (sales) growth between 2021 and 2025.

The latest event in our “Your 5G Journey” series focused on how 5G will be a major force for growth and resiliency. We explored the consumer and enterprise impacts, the industries that will be transformed, and the biggest acceleration opportunities.


Harnessing 5G’s potential

The next generation of mobile technology will be exponentially different, bringing disruptive innovation that will blur industry lines and unleash new products, services, value chains and market opportunities that have yet to be imagined.

And…it’s here, now. 5G network rollouts are accelerating, devices are ready, and while the most impactful use cases have yet to be scaled, there is no question that the business potential is massive and that first movers will gain a substantial advantage.

Top industry and business leaders joined us for a discussion on the impact of 5G across industries, and how companies should be harnessing its potential to create new opportunities for growth, efficiency and customer engagement.

"5G is a misnomer. This is an explosive intersection of three very different things that change the paradigm completely." Dr. Sanjay Sarma

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