Call for change

Our workplaces have changed more dramatically in the last 12 months than they did in the last 50 years. And although remote working is likely to be part of our workplace experience for some time, the biggest change is possibly yet to come.

Accenture recognizes the need to reimagine the workplace to not only adapt to our new, hybrid working lives, but also to create spaces that enable our people to innovate and grow. As our future of work evolves, the omni-connected experience—where each of our people feels connected, included, and has a sense of belonging, no matter where we work—is critically important.

Backed by our overall approach to digital transformation, we have undertaken a multi-year journey to enable the workplace of the future—a digitally-enabled, consistent experience that serves as the foundation for collaboration and innovation.

Our approach takes into account five guiding principles: we have a workplace strategy that is connected to an overall collaboration strategy. We are platform-based, with everything that it takes to run Accenture as a business is in the cloud, giving us speed and scale.

We have an intentional and focused experience agenda and work closely with our digital workplace team. And we have a series of research and development (R&D) labs that are shining examples of our future vision of digital workplace technologies.

"Digital workplaces not only provide more capabilities for getting work done, but also enable a level of innovation previously not possible by knitting the physical with the virtual to amplify the innovation experience."

— Jason Warnke, Senior Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experiences Lead, Accenture

When tech meets human ingenuity

We want to create truly human and truly digital workplaces. Truly human fosters an environment that helps Accenture people be their best selves, professional and personally. Truly digital technologies anticipate and provide a connected employee experience across workplace services, and enhance the employee working from home experience to support parity with those working in the office.

Spaces need to be efficient and flexible to support different ways of working. Operations is evolving the tools, leveraging data and analytics, to help the workplace team forecast future space needs. Above all, Accenture wants to make sure that as our people return to the workplace they are safe and secure in a non-invasive way and are prepared as workplace processes evolve. Our offices are evolving to more collaborative, purposeful spaces from more traditional enclosed office space, providing our people with the right environment to collaborate.

Technology is woven into the fabric of the space design as we shape the new workplace experience. We leverage our existing technology and tools, and are continually innovating and enhancing our solutions to meet evolving business needs and improve the office experience.

Our Accenture teams are not alone in designing and implementing our technology investments. We collaborate with Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive, which brings skills in applying user experience and design thinking. We also work with Accenture Labs on immersive experiences using virtual reality (VR).

Our goals are as follows:

Deliver on the promise of technology by creating a leading-edge digital workplace.

Support our strategy in the market by collaborating with alliance partners and service offering teams.

Integrate with our platforms and technologies and align with existing operating level agreements.

Offer a consistent, people-centric user experience to help our people stay connected wherever they are located.

Be fit for purpose and evolve workplace solutions to meet changing requirements.

Introduce clear tracking and analytics to improve and shape what’s best for our people.

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The technologies involved are broad ranging—spanning video and broadcast, application services, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, high-end audio and video collaborative devices, digital credentials, connected devices and applications, merging of real and virtual worlds through mixed reality and a scalable and secure network.

Here are just some of the technology solutions helping us to build a digital workplace:

  • We use Microsoft Teams Rooms’ proximity join feature for contactless collaboration from a PC or mobile client and easily connect people working in offices with those working virtually; Microsoft Surface Hubs for touch-enabled team collaboration; Aruba beacons for navigating within an office; sensors for gathering real-time data about a building’s energy use; video walls that provide touch-enabled collaboration; and immersive rooms with high-resolution, 360-degree video content and high-definition audio.
  • Our employee experience application called Places enables employees to use their mobile devices as a digital badge to enter the office, reserve and check into meeting rooms and submit service requests. Places also provides turn-by-turn directions within Accenture spaces, allowing employees to find colleagues in offices, if colleagues have opted into the service. More than 300 offices are now enabled with the Places app.
  • Our Event Management System (EMS) solution offers a single place to book people, space and technology and synchronizes bookings with Microsoft Exchange. It helps our people avoid booking conflicts and makes organizing a meeting simpler. EMS is available in 75% of Accenture locations and has already resulted in 4M bookings during fiscal year 2021.
  • A new Digital Guest Check-in tool enables our people to confirm their office visit and check-in to the office using a QR code provided upon completing a wellness survey and meeting local office requirements. The tool is integrated with the Places app, which helps ensure the safety of our people and allows office capacity monitoring.
  • We developed a Technical Device Utilization reporting dashboard that provides at-a-glance status of Accenture’s video technology solutions globally—displaying utilization trends by geography and location, with the ability to drill down to device-level use. It offers essential analytics to determine the most effective placement and re-investment of technology.
  • Another dashboard, Space Utilization, gives the status of Accenture’s use of seats and meeting room space and real estate globally. The metrics are key to gaining a technology-based, comprehensive assessment of utilization for all Accenture locations, enabling leaders to make real estate decisions that maximize return on investment.

Locations where we are reimagining the workplace include:

The Dock, Dublin, Ireland

The Dock is a living laboratory, always evolving and changing.

Connectivity means content can be pushed throughout the building via Lightware 25G matrix router. Reconfigurable furniture and movable technology solutions enable maximum collaboration. A friendly mobile interface helps users to interact with the space to book and share content.

  • 60 Microsoft Surface Hubs
  • 5 Cyviz video walls
  • 5 Cisco videoconference rooms
  • 1 recording studio

Castellana 85, Madrid, Spain

The Castellana building is a unique space representing the perfect fusion of technology and human ingenuity. State-of-the-art technologies allow the building to constantly evolve while blurring the lines between virtual and physical spaces. Data sensors, cloud systems and edge computing are present in the office environment to process data and automatize actions through AI.

  • 12 Microsoft Surface Hubs
  • 47 focus rooms
  • 2 Auditoriums and 1 Grandstand
  • 80+ meeting spaces enabled with mobile and connectivity-related technologies
  • 8 eco corners with smart recycling containers and digital reporting

Second & Seneca, Seattle, US

Located in the heart of Seattle’s business district, it features advanced workspace design for more than 1,200 employees. Avanade headquarters and Fjord are co-located under one roof, enabling close collaboration as we bring innovation to clients in the greater Seattle area.

  • 2 separate wired networks to meet different needs/standards of both companies
  • 1 shared wireless, publishing both companies’ standard SSIDs—first location where we have done this
  • 22 Microsoft Surface Hubs
  • 1 large multipurpose room with Cyviz video wall

Salesforce Tower, San Francisco, US

Reinvents the way we collaborate with clients, showcase our ideas and technology and energize our employees.

  • 8 Cyviz video wall conference rooms Training/learning room
  • 3 showcase spaces
  • 5-story LED video wall with custom digital art Immersive Igloo cylinder

1 Manhattan West, New York, US

Our global flagship Innovation Hub, consolidating nine New York office locations into one space. It is a smart office designed to WELL Platinum certification, LEED GOLD rating with sustainability throughout the space—from material selection to technology-driven energy metering.

1MW showcases how our intelligent Workplace solutions—including Places and Smart Badges—enable a frictionless employee experience.

  • 1 Broadcast Studio with 8 remote broadcast locations
  • 2,500 Smart Badges and 1,212 occupancy sensors
  • 129 Microsoft Teams Rooms and 90 indoor air quality sensors
  • 25 Microsoft Surface Hubs and 44 Smart Screens
  • 16 Music Zones, 6 Cyviz Rooms and 2 DuPont Smart Tables

Enabling the elastic digital workplace

In this episode, Penelope Prett, Accenture CIO discusses how Accenture is enabling the elastic digital workplace with Jason Warnke.

A valuable difference

Accenture Global IT and Corporate Services & Sustainability organizations are collaborating to drive the digital transformation of workplaces for Accenture’s network of offices and delivery centers around the world.

We are putting in place the right technology to support flexible approaches, enabling an omni-connected experience for our people, as we adapt our workspaces over time. With workspaces designed to ideate, rapidly prototype and co-create products and services with clients, we can bring solutions to the market faster.

We are also better placed to attract new and retaining existing talent, offering desirable locations with a range of amenities to serve a diverse population and earn their commute.

By introducing workspaces that are more than just a place to work, we are not only improving the wellbeing of our people to help them be on their best day, every day, but also supporting the overall business and serving the needs of our clients.


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