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Where do chemical companies fit in the metaverse?

decembra 9, 2022 5-minút čítania

Four key trends

The most important question now facing chemical executives is how they get started on a metaverse journey.

Next stop: The metaverse – key steps chemical companies can take

Source: Accenture experience and analysis

1. Metaverse: Take an outside-in perspective

  • Learn about the metaverse and what it offers.
  • Research chemical industry best practices and leading examples.
  • Analyze your company’s relevant business challenges.

2. Vision: Define your North Star and strategy

  • Identify your North Star—your overarching mission and goals—in order to achieve your vision and strategy.
  • Find relevant metaverse use cases.
  • Clarify the key guardrails of a metaverse business and IT architecture regarding partnerships, platforms, skills and a roadmap.
  • Define your desired outcomes and how they will be measured.

3. Use cases: Prioritize and prepare

  • Refine and finalize the use cases.
  • Assess the current capabilities within your company in terms of data, infrastructure, integration, new technologies, talent and skills.
  • Define the project goals, timeline, roles and responsibilities, skills needed and relevant stakeholders.

4. Action: Design, develop and deploy

  • Identify the enablement partners needed to realize each use case.
  • Initiate story boarding with user stories, user roles, avatars and wireframes.
  • Configure a workbench to determine which physical components are needed.
  • Design the environment, including coding, testing, staging and production.
  • Deploy the use cases in a production environment.
Mithilesh Kumar

Director – Technology

Matisse van Meurs

Managing Director – Technology Strategy, Chemicals

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