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In today's world, you're either innovating—or you're out of business. Learn how to build applications with speed and agility to fast-track your future.

Built for change

Accenture Liquid Studios provide rapid technology development to help your company embrace new technologies, skillsets and ways of working.

As a core part of Accenture's Innovation Architecture, we rapidly prototype and deliver software to help you reach customers and enter new markets. Our work will empower you to jump into new arenas like IoT and blockchain, helping you transcend outdated mindsets, upskill your workforce and pivot into tomorrow, today.


Accenture Liquid Studios help companies become built for change through new technologies, skills and ways of working. We rapidly prototype and deliver software to help you reach customers and enter new markets.


Collaborate with our team of cross-functional experts during interactive sessions where we leverage Design Thinking to explore use cases and solve challenges quickly.


Learn about disruptive technologies—and the opportunities they present—by exploring artificial intelligence, blockchain, serverless architectures and more.


Turn concepts into applications in days rather than months using rapid development approaches like Agile and DevOps.

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Where we are

We operate 31 Liquid Studios across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.


Our leaders

Case studies

We helped The Office of the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland, Revenue, better meet customer needs, using an AI-powered, conversational voicebot.

We helped a large airline transform the customer experience through rapid prototping in just three weeks.

We created a pilot program using AI and voice to help the elderly manage the challenges of care delivery.

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Shaping the intelligent enterprise with software engineering.

Design thinking in real life

Sundy Grubel, Group Director of Fjord Southeast, shares three key design thinking principles that help design a sustainable business solution.

Delivering efficient agile testing at scale

Read about how we assess the current state of testing capability and transform it to a Quality Engineering model.

Is your DevOps successful? Measure it in these 4 ways

Reshma Shinde shares four ways to measure success along and drive your DevOps journey.

A powerful combo: Agile, DevOps and cloud-native architecture

Antonio De La Prieta and Jorge Hidalgo discuss how modern engineering is the perfect blend of Agile and DevOps with cloud-native architectures.

Improving supply chains through IoT and blockchain

Shailesh Kalmegh, Technology Delivery Manager, shares how linking blockchain and IoT can help your supply chain gain serious traction.

Practically implementing DevOps pipelines

Learn how to start your DevOps journey with precise and effective CI/CD pipeline designing to achieve accelerated speed of development with value delivery.

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