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Powered by Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft, experience streamlined processes through business intelligence automation, all in one central location.

Collaborate with Microsoft Business Applications

Business evolution has increased exponentially and inflexible systems-built years ago weren't designed to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Right now, success hinges on the ingenuity of an organization’s technology choices and Microsoft Business Applications were built to create nimble, long-lasting value for years to come.

Serving as a central hub for business, this collaborative platform prioritizes people, connecting data and processes across systems and applications. Through business intelligence automation, data is accessible, enabling seamless collaboration and customer satisfaction.

This digital transformation strategy helps data, processes and people work together to solve problems, equipping organizations with tools and architecture needed to make intelligent automation possible.

Client needs are changing, and Microsoft Business Applications are built to surmount the biggest operational challenges of today and seize the opportunities just around tomorrow's corner.

Accenture deep industry knowledge helps businesses develop and grow into the future using Low code/No code solutions on Microsoft’s Power Platform.

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Accenture & Microsoft @ Cannes Lions

Be inspired by an exclusive metaverse experience

The power of Accenture, Avanade and Business Applications

With Microsoft Business Applications, Accenture and Avanade can empower companies with the tools, capabilities and expertise to digitally transform and become data-driven, intelligent organizations that are more agile, connected, and efficient. Through this collaboration platform businesses can:

  • Transform to be data driven and efficient, leveraging the power of the Microsoft Cloud
  • Harness the value of business intelligence automation to create business applications that leverage a company’s existing core systems and enhance it with data, insights and agile processes
  • Equip themselves with tailor-fit tools and products to reinvent their business processes and tackle the challenges of the post pandemic world
  • Provide a 360 predictive view of their business needs, making the right decisions (now and in the future) based on real-time, impactful data
  • Empower every employee to create more customer value using insights while leveraging intelligent automation to streamline operations

Business Applications industry solutions

Harness the power of business applications today

Intent driven, seamless across all channels, intuitive, and in real-time, join Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft to re-invent your business model, deepening customer loyalty, improving employee workflow productivity, and staying at the forefront of innovation.

End 2 end platform

A full stack, open platform built on the Microsoft Cloud, BizApps empower users through holistic insights that take customers to the next level.

Ease of collaboration

With functionality across business departments and solutions, this collaborative edge will future-proof operations and ensure business excellence.

Outcome focused

We support a complete digital transformation strategy that extends as the needs of our clients evolve. We’re here for the long run.

Innovative, data-driven

Insights can be shared from a centralized source, enabling businesses to make accurate, real-time decisions. This predictive model is a game changer.

Intelligent automation

Optimize operations and eliminate repetitive tasks through business intelligence automation so employees can focus on value adding activities.

Collaborative apps

Through embedded automation, data-based insights surface across applications, putting the user back in the center of it all.

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Power of 3

Proven Results: Experience leading business applications implementations with thousands of successful projects that create real client value.

Unmatched Capabilities: Avanade and Accenture is the #1 Microsoft capability in size & depth. Its platform knowledge & expertise is unmatched in the market.

Steeped in Industry Know How: Accenture has world class expertise, along with industry specific accelerators, cementing partnerships from start to finish.

Transformation End to End: E2E capabilities from strategy, industry & function, cross technology, & managed services to solve any need.

Award Winning Reputation: Microsoft Business Applications Partner of the Year. Winner of Customer Insights, Customer Service, Supply Chain & Finance Partner of the Year. We are a 17-time Microsoft Global SI Partner of the Year, the most of any partner.

Accenture’s industry expertise paired with Microsoft technology helps organizations overcome challenges and uncover value.

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Awards & recognition

Stay in synch with application transformation and industry solutions from Accenture and Avanade. Our Microsoft Business Applications & Digital Transformation work is the #1 largest and most deeply skilled practice in the world.

Business intelligence automation blogs

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Collaborative Apps. Simple, inevitable, game changing!

Collaborative apps. It sounds like just another tech phrase in an endless line of tech marketing output. Yet the reality is that it’s going to be big.

Leading your business with innovation, insights, and collaboration — that’s the power of Microsoft Business Applications

Rather than imagining you could, imagine you can — collaborate, predict, connect, and innovate now — with Microsoft Business Applications.

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