Reimagine Service

Transforming customer service experiences

Transformative service

We help our clients reimagine their entire customer service experience, delivering new value and growth.
Old models of customer service are falling due to increased consumer expectations. Today, service needs to be approached as a brand ethos, an opportunity to add value in a customer’s life, and a natural extension of a company’s purpose.

This means creating a culture that proactively identifies customer needs and seeks to provide experiences that reinforce the ‘why’ of your business. We partner with our clients to reimagine and redesign service around their core purpose to meet their customers’ needs, by engaging them in brand relevant experiences. Shifting the focus from cost to growth.

New and accelerated customer interactions have upended the ‘rules of engagement.’

Customer service strategy and experience design

Reimagine customer service for growth

Today, all successful brands are service brands. They view their success and the success of their customers as one, trying to work with customers to create value-added interactions.
We challenge traditional approaches to customer service, moving it from problem-resolution to customer success.
Using design thinking, we imagine new personalized service pathways that are value-driven, digitally enabled, omnichannel, and AI-powered.

By bringing together strategy, design, technology, and culture, we create a customer service roadmap that coordinates and amplifies all the assets of the servicing organization. By defining key service moments that exceed customer expectations, we provide next-gen customer experiences that establish service as a driver of differentiation, loyalty and growth.

Personalized omnichannel engagement

Build responsive, high-value customer service experiences

Customers, and businesses alike, have been upping the ante on what makes a great service experience.

Now, companies need to provide both humanity and high-impact at scale. Doing so, requires an omni-channel engagement model that can anticipate, learn and listen to customer needs. It requires better use of data for insights and cloud technology to create a unified, relevant experience.
We power every experience with data and AI, ensuring each one is personalized and seamlessly connected to keep conversations flowing continuously across all channels.
Our proprietary approach to personalized customer engagement at scale – delivers exceptional customer experience by using AI virtual agents, machine learning, data/analytics, and cloud technology.

With skills and expertise contributed from across Accenture, we help clients to prioritize capabilities, apply design thinking, quickly deploy with pre-built assets, and continually optimize experiences for both quality and efficiency.


Reinvention of the service organization

Operate the service organization at speed and scale

Service brands understand that service is everyone’s business. As such, the service organization needs to be reimagined with a higher mission, a broader scope and an agile operating model powered by a human + machine culture. To ensure both agent and customer success, organizations need to be underpinned by new customer engagement models, new ways of working, and new platforms for customer experience and data management.
We transform service organizations to operate with purpose at speed and scale, by enabling them with new approaches, ways of working, data-centricity, and technology.
We reinvent the contact center, architect CX and data platforms, apply industry accelerators, connect with the cloud, and leverage best-in-class partnerships. Additionally, we create new models for the how the future of work is evolving to align customer success with employee safety and satisfaction.
Are you ready to reimagine your customer service organization?

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