Digital insurance: creating a connected future

Insurers are harnessing the power of digital to build their business models around the customer and seize the opportunities of a fluid marketplace.

Digital insurers: Disrupt or be disrupted

In this digital age, opportunities and threats are often different sides of the same coin. Customers are less loyal and more demanding; competitors are entering the industry with radical ideas unburdened by legacy systems or mindsets. Disruption is inevitable; insurers must decide whether they will be among the disruptors or one of their casualties.

Digital insurance companies are creating unique customer experiences through new combinations of information, business resources and digital technologies. They take a customer-centric view of the organization, and use innovative strategies, products, processes and experiences to create new revenue and transform their business and operating models. And because the future is becoming less predictable every day, digital insurers build agility into everything they do.


of insurance executives say the pace of innovation in their organizations has accelerated over the past three years due to emerging technologies.


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