Providing the right level of partnership to enable access to innovation for INTIENT Platform users.

A partner ecosystem of digital innovation

The INTIENT Network leverages the collective innovative solutions of its members to enhance the dynamic end-to-end capabilities of the INTIENT Platform. Through access to innovative, specialty software, services, hardware, content and business partners, the INTIENT Network offers:

  • Industry standard APIs for pre-competitive functions that easily and quickly integrate into existing systems;
  • The ability to rapidly and flexibly deploy solutions;
  • Lower barrier to entry for new, small, and/or niche software players;
  • Enhancements to patient user experience and adherence; and
  • Streamlined patient data acquisition to rapidly inform critical decision-making.

The Network enables INTIENT Platform users to meet the evolving needs of life science and healthcare organizations, from research lab to the patient.

MAE: Next-generation in statistical computing

Next-generation statistical computing environments need to handle a wide array of new data types, analyses, and personas. It is no longer viable to use fixed-capacity systems to handle the volume and variety of data expected from mHealth devices, genomics, and other data sources.

With the ability to run multiple programming languages in parallel, and by using cloud-native technologies Accenture’s Managed Analytics Environment (MAE) allows easier clinical submissions, and a superior user experience.

INTIENT Network partners

Follow the links below to learn more about the innovative solutions from a few of our INTIENT Network partners.

Become an INTIENT Network member

We offer Network members three levels of participation: Connect, Collaborate and Core. This allows partners to provide services and technology at a level that compliments their business models, while supporting the specific needs of INTIENT Platform users.

Enabling choice

  • A flexible deployment model that provides clients access to a growing portfolio of unique solutions at speed.
  • Partners “connect” to the INTIENT platform through APIs and license their technology directly to the INTIENT client through flexible subscription models.

Accelerating value

  • Providing expanded solutions and support for clients by enabling broader partnership opportunities with select partners.
  • Partners integrate with the INTIENT platform through Application Programming Interfaces (API) or are embedded with the technology.
  • These partners "collaborate" with Accenture in joint deployment strategies.

Deeply embedded

  • Delivering "core" and fundamental capabilities to clients by embedding partner solutions into INTIENT and provided as standard services.
  • These partners embed their solution on the Google Cloud Platform or provide peering capabilities to enable streamlined delivery.

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BioSymetrics Joins Accenture's INTIENT Network

BioSymetrics, a biomedical artificial intelligence company that helps researchers develop drugs with greater speed and precision, announced it has joined Accenture's partner ecosystem.

Invicro LLC joins Accenture’s INTIENT™ network to help advance innovation in drug discovery and scientific research

Invicro LLC, a Konica Minolta Company, has joined Accenture’s open partner ecosystem—the INTIENT™ Network.

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