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Supply chain operations in India

Anil Shetty

Supply Chain & Procurement Operations Lead

India | Bangalore | Accenture

As well as serving 22+ supply chain management and procurement clients in India and leading a team of 1,200+ professionals, Anil is the account lead for supply chain and procurement at one of Accenture’s largest consumer goods clients.

“It’s exciting to be helping businesses to innovate and embrace intelligent supply chain operations,” says Anil.

He emphasizes putting clients front and center, bringing the best of Accenture to help solve tough challenges. Nurturing talent through mentoring and continuous learning is a key feature of his leadership, as well as supporting team members and promoting collaboration.

Anil sums up why he loves working at Accenture: “Along with our leadership in supply chain and procurement operations, our brand has enormous respect worldwide. Crucial too is the opportunity to use Accenture’s huge experience to deliver value by bringing “outside-in” perspectives to clients.”

Supply Chain & Operations People of Change: Anil Shetty

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Supplier enablement in a P2P Coupa implementation

Miguel Ortega

Consultant | Technology | Supply Chain & Operations

Chicago | Accenture

As a technology consultant in our supply chain procurement business, Miguel specializes in eP2P software implementations for global enterprises.

“Working with our ecosystem partner Coupa, the leading digital solution in this space, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to be involved in everything from tool design to training and overall project delivery,” says Miguel.

For supplier enablement, the emphasis is on putting the human experience at the heart of the solution – finding new ways to bridge the divide between implementation theory and practice through tailored user training and change management.

Miguel has this advice for new joiners: “Be yourself. Part of the strength of Accenture to deliver the best solutions for our clients is the diversity of experience and the genuine expression of that diversity.”

Supply chain & operations people of change: Miguel Ortega

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Cloud-based digital transformation for procurement

Jonathan Joyce

Senior Manager | Digital Transformation Strategy & Consulting | Supply Chain & Operations

Washington, DC | Accenture

As a senior manager in our supply chain and operations business, Jonathan leads cloud-based digital transformations for tier-1 businesses across the US, Canada, and the UK.

“For me, it’s all about curiosity, finding creative ways to develop new technology and operating principles that enable our clients to solve complex supply chain challenges,” says Jonathan.

Opportunities to use his experience, particularly in intelligent procurement, to help clients innovate, be more efficient, and do more with less, keep the work stimulating. Connecting with team members and customers in a diverse way makes it rewarding.

For anyone considering joining Accenture, he has this advice: “This is a fantastic job for anyone that likes traveling, connecting with new people, clients and cultures, and learning new skills every day.”

Supply chain & operations people of change: Jonathan Joyce

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Data and AI for intelligent supply chains

Esperanza Puigserver

Manager | Strategy & Consulting | Supply Chain & Operations | Applied Intelligence

Barcelona, Spain | Accenture

As a Data Science Manager for Supply Chain, Esperanza uses data, analytics and AI to help solve supply chain operations challenges at some of the world’s largest companies.

“In an unpredictable world, the latest data science and analytics innovations play a vital role in enabling complex global supply chains with intelligence and visibility to keep functioning smoothly,” says Esperanza.

A diverse supply chain analytics team brings a broader vision and more innovative solutions for our clients, helping their supply chains to be more resilient and responsible and to positively impact society and the planet.

If you have a passion for data and analytics and solving some of the world’s most pressing issues facing supply chains, consider joining the Accenture Supply Chain and Operations team.

Supply chain & operations people of change: Esperanza Puigserver

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Supply chain innovation in chemicals

Corinne Schloesser-Rinkel

Managing Director | Strategy & Consulting | Supply Chain & Operations | Chemicals

Trier, Germany | Accenture

As a managing director in our supply chain and chemicals industry business, Corinne works on some of the largest, most challenging supply chain optimization and transformation programs in the world.

“Since the pandemic hit, supply chain disruption has moved center stage. Our clients have really started to see the value that digitalization can provide – by increasing transparency, efficiency, and resilience," she says.

Supply chain innovation makes Corinne’s job exciting. Yet, it’s the people that make her job rewarding.

Her advice to anyone looking to join Accenture: “Get to know the people you’ll be spending time with on the job. They bring different perspectives that keep everything fresh and create countless opportunities for you to learn and grow.”

Supply chain & operations people of change: Corinne Schloesser-Rinkel

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Supply chain & operations people of change

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