Health equity

Improving health outcomes, reducing disparities and creating a more equitable world

A priority for everyone

The goal of health equity is to make sure everyone gets the high-quality care they deserve, according to their specific needs. At Accenture, we believe that humanizing healthcare for all members of the community involves taking a health equity lens to every aspect of healthcare delivery.

In this video, Dr. Ankoor Shah, Accenture’s Health Equity Lead, talks with Dan Miller, CEO of Spora Health, a telemedicine provider focused on health equity. Together, they explore what health equity means and how data-driven, artificial intelligence-powered tools can help health organizations make more culture-centered decisions and increase equitable outcomes for patients.

Health equity insights

New research from Accenture and HIMSS Market Insights reveals that 93% of U.S. healthcare executives believe that health equity initiatives are important and 89% agree that such initiatives are part of their core business strategy.


HIMSS Global Health Equity Network

The HIMSS Global Health Equity Network is expanding HIMSS’ inclusion efforts to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to health and wellness. The network puts a greater focus on underrepresented groups in health information and technology, drives a more diverse and innovative workforce, and ensures the design of systems and solutions support people from all backgrounds.

Through the African American, Latinx, and Women in Health IT communities, the Network focuses on moving outside of the hospital setting and into the community in order to have the total picture of a person’s health and to address barriers of access to health and wellness.

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Driving equitable health solutions

Managing a serious health condition presents many obstacles. Aside from the condition itself, insurance, doctors, and social needs like food and housing security can all pose additional difficulties. How can health organizations use technology to improve care for all individuals and communities?

In this podcast, Ankoor Shah, MD, MBA, MPH from Accenture talks to community member Nicole Gyimah and Kelly Binder the Chief Solutions Officer at Unite Us . They discuss the realities of the patient journey and how organizations can bridge the gap to deliver more equitable healthcare that’s improves the experience and outcomes for the patient.

Meet Dr. Ankoor Shah

We need to close the gap between making health equity a priority and making it a reality.

Ankoor Shah, MD, MBA, MPH

Principal Director – Consulting, Health Equity Lead

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Humanizing Healthcare is good for people & business

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