With brands like Paradisus Resorts, ME, Innside and Sol Hotels & Resorts, Meliá Hotels believes in providing guests with a memorable experience. So when they decided to launch a new digital experience for their customers, it had to be something special.

Personalization was rapidly seen as a strategic lever to improve customer experience and differentiate Meliá Hotels’ direct channels offering from its main competitors. Accenture helped design and implement a new comprehensive digital marketing strategy, delivered a full range of digital customer capabilities, digitized the loyalty program and implemented a digital content management system, all to now make direct sales channels a core component of their business. Analytics helped uncover insights that improve the customer experience, from providing trip planning recommendations to offering exclusive experiences to loyal members.

With a growing number of customers coming through digital channels, Meliá Hotels International knew that implementing a full customer-centric digital strategy would be critical to their long-term success. As the company expanded globally, it sought a new strategy to enhance its activity through digital channels and call centers; improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales; gain greater customer insights; and reinforce its digital marketing capabilities.

By 2018, Meliá Hotels intends for 40 percent of total company profits to come from direct sales channels, particularly from MeliáRewards loyalty program members.

What Accenture did

Accenture helped Meliá Hotels International implement a new digital transformation strategy that sets customer personalization as a top priority for all digital sales channels. The updated strategy touches every stage of a customer’s experience—from booking to staying with the hotel group and beyond.

Through the partnership with Meliá Hotels, Accenture creatively utilized the data to deliver relevant interactions between Meliá and its users at each step of the customer journey:

  1. Advanced analytics to identify high-profile prospects. Programmatic marketing and the use of advanced segments created through a combination of navigation, CRM and third party data have been key to identifying high-value prospects that impact them at the right time and with the most relevant content. Accenture also used advanced analytics models to find lookalikes and impact them through email marketing, doubling previously measured ROI.
  2. User search insights. By analyzing and segmenting user intents in paid search, Meliá has been able to deliver, in an industrialized way, thousands of dynamic landing pages which match user intent and advertising copy 100 percent.
  3. Testing for the best user experience. Through analysis of their online sales funnel, Meliá has been able to raise hypotheses of creative and UX improvements, tested through multivariate testing. The strategy paid off, raising many opportunities to offer different onsite experiences to specific user segments (based on location, traffic source, campaign, etc). The redesign of the landing pages, together with the optimization of the experience through multivariate testing, has increased online conversions by 30 percent.
  4. Data driven insights to raise loyalty. Data-driven product segmentation and the use of advanced analytics models helped to define which clients should receive each of the loyalty campaigns, and to define new campaign opportunities. Accenture helped redesign and relaunch Meliá's Loyalty Program, MeliáRewards, complementing existing monetary incentives with a bet for emotions and experiences to attract and engage members.
"We are achieving outstanding results. Accenture has assisted us with digital content production, marketing campaign management services and advanced customer analytics, all integral to building strong one-on-one relationships and nurturing loyalty."

— JOSÉ MARÍA DALMAU, Global VP Sales & Marketing – Meliá Hotels International

Value delivered

Customers get personalized content to build stronger one-on-one relationships, nurture loyalty and drive an increase in direct sales at every digital touchpoint.

In just one year, direct sales channels, like Meliá and the Meliá app, increased 27 percent, and this trend is being maintained over time. The loyalty program has added more than a million new members, and the Meliá Rewards program now accounts for 80 percent of total direct sales.


Communications created to support an annual new customer segmentation strategy.


New landing pages custom designed to each customer’s individual preferences.


Increase in ROI as a result of the personalized programmatic marketing strategy.

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