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Outperform in the new advertising ecosystem with agility at scale.

Channel of choice

Once confined to banners and video interstitials, today's in-app advertising has become big business, reaching billions of people each day. Creating functionality to monetize ad services is only part of the battle; sophisticated digital marketers know effective campaigns are backed by robust analytics and begin with the consumer journey in mind.

Beyond the obvious price to play as a viable advertising platform lies effectiveness, adoption, expansion and operational efficiency—factors that could either inhibit or boost your platform’s overall profitability.

How we can help

Accenture’s Advertising Platform services help our clients improve advertising performance across ad platforms, ad processes and technologies.

Ad platform design

We define the roadmap to create an engaging platform for advertisers and users.

Solutions we provide:

  • Platform design
  • Integration, infrastructure & measurement
  • Advertiser experience
  • User experience
  • Partner/publishers
  • Change management/journey

Ad product strategy

We outline the best practices to optimize existing products and create new advertising products that increase monetization.

Solutions we provide:
  • Ad product design
  • Monetization & pricing
  • Creative studio
  • Campaign strategy

Ad platform technology

We help to identify and implement technology that enables a state-of-the-art ads platform.

Solutions we provide:
  • Ad tech (stack & tools)
  • Ad fraud prevention
  • Automation & AI selection & implementation
  • Data partnerships
  • Data analytics

Ad platform operations

We can optimize and run front and back office advertising operations to improve data tagging and reporting of ROI.

Solutions we provide:
  • Ad tagging & placement
  • Ad approval & compliance
  • Curation effectiveness
  • Operation support
  • Ad optimization
  • Advertiser support
  • Campaign execution

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What we think

Lessons from the front lines of digital advertising on how to use data respectfully and responsibly.

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For 4 years in a row 2016-2019.

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