Mobility reinvented

We help toll operators transform their operations through modern back-office systems, digital platforms and a reimagined customer mobility experience.

What we do

Our solutions work to leverage the value of data and support scalability as volumes grow, while bringing the flexibility to adapt to new requirements.

Back-office systems

Delivering state-of-the-art solutions based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software adapted by Accenture to the challenges of large-scale toll collection operations.

Intelligent operations

Transforming toll collection back-office operations through analytics, applied intelligence and automation to increase compliance, predictability and quality of service, while reducing costs.

Security: building cyber resilience

Delivering advanced security solutions and managed security services to safeguard complex road and toll collection critical infrastructures.

Analytics: planning & foresight

Applied intelligence and human ingenuity for business value and enhanced decision-making.

Enterprise asset management

Enabling road infrastructure organizations to tackle their biggest asset and technology challenges to drive more value from enterprise assets.

Accenture Mobility X

A new market space generated by the combination of new technology and new user needs. End-to-end services targeting consumers desire for mobility.


A new pathway for mobility

Countries and cities need to ensure they have the revenue required to support a changing road infrastructure landscape. Stringent climate change targets that seek to reduce emissions put pressure on current revenue sources like gas taxes.

Yet people and goods still need to move, so the industry is developing approaches such as road usage charging and dynamic pricing that better reflect usage patterns. These developments open up opportunities to integrate value added services into the mobility journey – from planning to payments for services such as parking, gas or entertainment.

This new mobility ecosystem will see increased volumes as new subscriptions are captured an d digital channels are developed, allowing for service bundling options and multiple payment methods. To deliver an enhanced customer experience, operators will need to consider business models that go beyond the basic to address the full journey incorporating new services that balance context, usage and value.

Accenture enables companies to prepare for, and ultimately shape, the future of mobility.

Challenges and opportunities

Our center of expertise is ready and has expertise to work on the recent trends in mobility.


Markets are getting broader (mainly in the US and Europe) bringing opportunities to grow the customer base.

Expectations and operability

The market is eager for innovation, being attracted by value added propositions aligned with their needs and expectations.

Shared economy

A broader perspective on road charging, within the road usage journey or in transportation, has the potential to increase customer base and revenues.

Globally recognized

Over 14 years of experience delivering tolling solutions to our clients worldwide.

High and value expertise

6 patents for tolling technologies, including AET and Smartphone Tolling.

Portfolio increasing

Growing portfolio of +25 tolling clients worldwide. Built and maintains some of the largest tolling back-office systems in Europe, North America and Australia.

Multi-format solutions

Performed the first worldwide Mobile Tolling pilot.

Qualified teams

+30 dedicated consultants in the Lisbon Tolling Center of Excellence.

SAP at its core

Implemented the first SAP BRIM based All-Electronic Tolling back-office systems in Europe and in North America.


What we think

We set out to understand the burning question among mobility service providers.

The potential in mobility services is unparalleled and exciting but misperceptions still remain about what customers really think and want.

If you want to transport people, you have to know what moves them.


Case studies

End-to-end fleet management capabilities positions PT Serasi Autoraya as a technology visionary and mobility services leader in Indonesia.

ŠKODA AUTO drives innovation to become a leading customer-oriented mobility services company.

Faurecia and Accenture are combining innovation expertise and investment to develop products and services for connected and autonomous vehicles.


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