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Memorable personalized experiences

Finding the perfect blend for the digital customer experience



illycaffè, the premium Italian coffee brand, offers a unique taste and aroma that’s recognized by coffee lovers around the world. Leveraging its 80 years of coffee-making heritage and expertise, the company sells its products and services to consumers and trade customers in 140 different countries.

Looking to capitalize on its success at home and expand its growth internationally, illycaffè decided to embark on a radical reimagination of its digital customer experience.

Combining the power of digital with a customer-centric mindset, illycaffè wanted to offer truly memorable personalized experiences on both B2B and B2C channels. The ultimate goal? To delight and engage its customers, bringing them ever closer to the brand—and fueling new growth for the illycaffè business.

Strategy and solution

Leveraging knowledge from across Accenture—in strategy, technology, digital experiences and more—we’re helping illycaffè every step of the way as it drives its transformation forward.

Beginning with a digital transformation roadmap, we’re setting the business on a path to transform customer experience in everything from the website to the contact center:

Rebuilding illycaffè’s website, with a refreshed front end fully integrated with e-commerce, producer and training channels

Reimagining the digital B2B channel, emphasizing a “consumer-style” buying experience

Helping illycaffè create, manage and optimize its social media and other online content

Co-innovating a completely new approach to digital content management, building new streamlined workflows and ways of working

Developing new ways to engage with customers, supporting enhanced customer analytics and new campaigns to grow brand awareness and generate a larger pipeline of new leads

Implementing a new system for customer care at illycaffè’s contact center, putting a customer-centric mindset at the core


We’re 18 months into our collaboration, and we’ve already started what we call our "DIGITAL TRANSFORM-ACTION" approach by allowing illycaffè to evolve its relationships with customers.

The business is developing a much deeper understanding of customer lifetime value and customer segmentation—important components in supporting truly personalized customer experiences.

Our work together has already improved revenues on illycaffè’s site from SEO activities by 24 percent. We’ll also soon launch an entirely redesigned site that reflects illycaffe’s new approach to the commerce experience.

Our data-driven, comprehensive and consistent social media strategy is optimizing the creative effort, ensuring premium content with that unique “illycaffè” blend reaches the right audience at the right time on the right channel. Social media activities have increased engagement and reach by 15 percent.

The transformation is underpinned by a deep commitment to shared working, with illycaffè and Accenture collaborating to create a truly digital culture throughout the illycaffè business.

Just 18 months into our work together, we’re already seeing the benefits.

Product focus
One size fits all
Digital aspirations

Customer focus
Memorable personal experiences
Digital reinvention


Increase in social media reach and engagement


Improvement in site revenues from SEO activities


Stefania Filippone

Managing Director – Accenture

Alex Diana

Managing Director – Accenture Song