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1: Innovation Mindset
Innovation is a popular slogan. Everyone declares that this is what they are. Even traditionalism is sometimes referred to as innovation. However, how should this approach really be defined? 
Innovation mindset is an indispensable element of Accenture's DNA. Hear about how to achieve it. 
Guest: Piotr Koszek - Director of Accenture Advanced Technology Center Poland 

2: Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is as hot as it is neglected. More and more is being said about the dangers of technological development, but the most common word in the world is "123456". 
Is working in cybersecurity all about coding? Is there a place for new experts on the market? 
Guest: Olga Budziszewska - Security Strategy & Risk Consultant at Accenture 

3: New Working Model
Without a doubt, working remotely changed our lives. Although many of us had the opportunity to work from home before, it was only during the pandemic that we got to know the true face of this mode of work.
What are the challenges when switching to a remote work model? How can you deal with them? Do employees want to go back to the offices? And how to find a new job when we can't meet new colleagues face to face? 
You will find answers to these questions, among others, in this episode. 
Guest: Dorota Franczyk - Client Experience Service Lead at Accenture

4: Applied Intelligence
We live in a society that generates outstanding amounts of data. From simple actions performed on our smartphones to complicated genetic codes used in biotechnology. No human is able to process all of this but fortunately we were able to create something that helps us make sense of it. We created Artificial Intelligence. 
How does AI help us at work and in life? What kinds of tasks is AI good at? How does it help businesses? How can you start a career in the field of AI? And what's the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Applied Intelligence? 
We’re going to discuss these aspects in this episode, talking to one of the AI ​​experts at Accenture. 
Guest: Tomasz Mostowski - Head of Accenture Applied Intelligence in Poland

5: RPA
RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is a topic around which an aura of mystery has arisen. We watch movies in which we see a lot of humanoid robots, and then we hear about robots in a business context and it turns out that they are completely different.
What do most robots actually look like? In what aspects of our work they help us? What to do to create automation solutions? What other important topics are closely related to robotization? And can a robot be a colleague from work? 
You will find answers to these questions, among others, in this episode.
Guest: Michał Nalewajski - Business Transformation Lead 


6: Truly Human
Accenture’s culture of equality ensures that the company is a place where everyone feels they belong and can succeed. It also includes special attention to Truly Human and Mental Health topics.
How to approach mental health issues? What happens when we ignore them? How companies support their employees if it comes to mental health? And how can a company be truly human?
We’re going to discuss these aspects in this episode, talking to a person at the forefront of mental health initiatives at Accenture.
Guest: Magda Klima, Client Experience Integration Associate Manager

7: Cloud
There is no answer that the cloud is one part of the first decade. But its real development is still ahead of us. What are the possibilities of cloud solutions? How often do we come into contact with them without even knowing? What is worth learning to work with the cloud? And what is the future of the cloud like? Accenture is a workplace rich in experience and experience in the Cloud area, and I will talk about it with my guest.
Guest: Mariusz Chudy - Cloud First Managing Director at Accenture

9: Enterpise Agility
Enterprise Agility, or Agility helps you respond dynamically to changes surrounding your organization. However, it is often confused with agility in project management. Although related, these concepts are not the same. What is Enterprise Agility? What can a company do to be more agile? What employee skills help with this? What benefits does it provide to companies that adopt it? And why are there so few of them? Accenture has been practicing Enterprise Agility for years and I'll talk about that with today's guest.
Guest: Anna Dziekan - Talent and Organization Senior Manager at Accenture

8: House of many technologies
Accenture creates and delivers complex technology projects using a wide range of technologies. What is a house of many technologies? Which technologies are worth learning, and which are difficult and challenging? And what benefits does working in a stable company give us? We will answer these and many other questions during this episode. Guest: Krzysztof Bendyk - Application Development Manager at Accenture

10: Consumer trends
Consumer trends in today's world are changing more and more frequently. There are also microtrends that are valid for a short period of time.
How to find yourself in such a dynamic market? How to adapt to the changes taking place? How has pandemic accelerated digitalization affected various industries? And what do you need to learn in order to deal with consumer trends in your work?
Observing trends is an important part of the business world and I will talk about this with my guest.
Guest: Rafał Reif - Head of Fashion and Retail at Accenture Polska

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