In brief

In brief

  • 5G is the next-generation technology designed to meet future wireless connectivity requirements.
  • The evolution of wireless communication to 5G is not only one of the greatest leaps in wireless technology, but also a forerunner for innovation.
  • This innovation is not limited to network technologies but will revolutionize the way humankind uses those technologies in its daily activities.
  • In this paper, we explore the innovations that are possible through 5G, the key challenges and how to kindle the change needed to make 5G a success.

Communication Service Providers around the world are already preparing for the advent of 5G through trials and technology upgrades intended to ascertain associated new business opportunities. In many instances, business and governments are participating in trials to better understand the need, to ready their environment for new business use cases so they can envision the possibilities 5G offers. Today’s enterprises must develop clever techniques to meet their increasing demand for data, and methods such as open sourcing the development of 5G technologies and processes will have an enormous impact in enabling the innovation required to make 5G a reality.

A recent survey by Heavy Reading, Accenture and Viavi Solutions sought to understand operators’ attitudes towards 5G and customer experience. Ninety-four percent of the respondents viewed 5G as a new business-to-business growth opportunity. Operators view low latency, higher broadband speed and massive connectivity between machines as the leading 5G features that will attract valuable customers. Also, more than 60 percent of the respondents believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) based decision-making and high-resolution, video-based use cases will be the leading growth areas motivating consumers to use 5G and its corresponding benefits.

How 5G will make an impact in various market sectors:

Telecom Operators

5G means greater bandwidth to provide enhanced services to the end customer which ensures better customer experience and higher revenues.

Equipment Manufacturers

5G brings the need to develop ultra-efficient devices which enables futuristic designs and concepts, driving revenue growth.


This industry can benefit from the use of Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance consumers’ experience of shopping both online and offline.


5G will add capabilities to the healthcare industry, such as remote surgery and efficient emergency response.

Industrial Transformation

5G can deliver the promise of configurable factories, mobile robots, a time-sensitive network and lower maintenance costs.


With the advent of 5G, online teaching will be empowered by the increased use of Augmented Reality (AR).

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5G is being developed based on market requirements and available technologies. NFV, SDN, Cloud, and open source development of 5G technologies and process, as well as educating professionals and students about 5G, will bring transformation in network systems and operations. After all, we are looking to pool the best brains and resources to make 5G happen.

5G will change the world even more profoundly than 3G and 4G. It will be as revolutionary as electricity or the automobile, benefitting the economy and society.

Many developing nations have gained more than their industrialized counterparts from the deployment of mobile technology. It is estimated that the global economic impact of 5G in new goods and services will reach $12 trillion by 2035, as 5G moves mobile technology from connecting people to people and information, towards connecting people to everything.

Mathangi Sandilya

Managing Director – Communications and Media

Surya Kumar IVG

MD, Comms Industry Practice Lead, ATCI

Sanjay Tiwari

Sr Manager, 5G and OSS Industry Practice Lead, ATCI


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