Application Security

Protecting the application stack across the software development lifecycle and supply chain.

Secure from the start

Application development thrives on speed. Teams are embracing cloud, Agile and DevSecOps to produce as much as they can as fast as they can to stay market leaders.

Because applications thrive on speed so must your security. Embed application security from the start to be built for speed and scale.

48% of developers don't have time to spend on security issues they believe are important.


Accelerating application release cycles while improving security across the entire application portfolio.

Design with Security

Design secure applications and embed security into tooling, processes and training.

Develop with Security

Incorporate security throughout the application development lifecycle—during build, test and deployment.

Operate with Security

Proactively assess your applications for vulnerabilities, accelerate remediation and continuously monitor the environment for threats.

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Accelerating the pace of secure development

Accenture can help your development teams:

Quickly see critical issues

Provide executives insight into key metrics and true risk impact to validate business decisions.

Prioritize actions

Know vulnerabilities to fix, eliminate duplicates and false positives, and prioritize based on compliance requirements and enterprise risk tolerance.

Accelerate remediation

Get clear guidance in developer language on how to resolve issues, and an option of hands-on managed support.

Operate at scale

Apply automation to reduce manual tasks, so secure development and remediation efforts can support the entire application landscape.

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Reimagine application security

Accenture’s Intelligent Application Security Platform is a flexible integration platform that helps organizations achieve 20-30% faster development, up to 30x less remediation cost and with 30-50% less staff.

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