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Create the workplace of tomorrow, today. Accelerate diversity and inclusion initiatives with Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience.

This is what talent looks like

The workplace of tomorrow begins with awareness today. Creating a culture of belonging begins with acknowledging the current situation and working to improve it with transparency and accountability. It means understanding that systemic racism and injustice persist in today’s workplace. And it means taking decisive, data-driven actions to achieve workplace diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity.

Accenture is helping client organizations progress their strategic workplace initiatives through awareness, transforming words into meaningful actions with accountability. The Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience (AWARE) is a human capital management (HCM) solution innovated on Oracle Analytics Cloud technology. AWARE provides the data and tools to help organizations understand their current workplace realities and then set goals, measure gaps and optimize efforts to become active and accountable participants in shaping a brighter, more equitable future.

Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience

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Where does your organization stand?

Many organizations today need a reality check when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Accenture as well as third-party research shows organizations may benefit from improved transparency and accountability in implementing their initiatives:


only of employees surveyed feel they can be themselves, raise concerns and innovate without fear of failure compared to 68 percent of leaders who feel they create empowering environments. 1


only of employees surveyed across all races believe their organizations have successfully implemented effective diversity and inclusion program initiatives. 2


of employees surveyed on organizational barriers did not accept or pursue a job due to a lack of inclusion that they perceived in the workplace. 3

Accelerate the path to change

A culture of inclusion and innovation leads to stronger business through improved recruiting, employee retention and engagement, and overall performance. Wherever your organization is on the journey, we can help you accelerate the path to change, bringing transparency with accountability to your workplace initiatives.

Integrating with other major HCM solutions, AWARE consolidates data, reports and dashboards all in one module. The solution educates and guides clients on available data sources and maintenance of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), United States Census and related data.

AWARE collects and maintains data, providing reporting that helps to visualize progress toward goals in easy-to-read dashboards. It starts by helping you see where you are today and where you can be tomorrow. By establishing a foundation, raising awareness and promoting communication, AWARE enables businesses to create an inclusive, diverse and integrated workplace.

Applying a data-driven approach

AWARE is designed to empower businesses across all industries and government and educational organizations with insights for diversity and inclusion optimization. With AWARE, your organization can leverage comprehensive analytics:

Discovery analytics

Provide insights into what the organization looks like today by career level, job function, location, recruiting, compensation, attrition and more.

Comparative analytics

Offer a point of view on how the company compares based on location, industry and competitors relative to United States Census data.

Predictive analytics

Look at discovery and comparative data and trends to forecast when the company can expect to reach its diversity and inclusion goals.

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