Digital Workplace and Collaboration

A great Workplace Experience is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have. You either change the workplace or hinder the workforce.

Super-charge your workforce

The fact is that every business outcome—from productivity and efficiency to talent retention, innovation and growth—starts with your employees. Yet according to Accenture’s 2019 TechVision, 71 percent of executives believe that their employees are more digitally mature than their organization, resulting in a workforce “waiting” for the organization to catch up.

A new approach is needed to super-charge your workforce. We call it “Workplace Experience” or WX. WX brings together the technology, operations, culture and employee experience needed to unleash new levels of value—and sustain it.


Workplace strategy

Assess workplace transformation opportunities and define the path to a greater Workplace Experience.

Workplace modernization

Standardize devices, introduce automated remote and self-service support options, provide remediation services and help move to Evergreen Solutions.

Workplace management services

Enable your workforce to interact anytime, anywhere and from any device with an enhanced workplace experience that unlocks greater performance.

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Building your Digital Workplace

People are incorporating technology-driven capabilities alongside their existing skills and experience to do new kinds of work, in new ways. Learn how workplace services are evolving and the steps needed to create a next-gen workplace.

Digital Workplace evolution and challenges

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Digital Workplace as the human interface to digital

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What we think

The pandemic has resulted in demand for telecommuting, remote and mobile working explode, with few organizations prepared to meet the increase.

Optimizing the workforce and workplace experience in an age of disruption.

Workplace Experience (WX) is a new holistic approach that coupled with customer and employee experience fills out the overall experience picture.

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Case Study: Giving everyone a place to call home

This case study explains how Depaul UK—a charity that provides vital and life changing accommodations and services to homeless youth across the United Kingdom— recently launched a cloud-based workplace-transformation initiative with Accenture to modernize its traditional workplace environment.

Depaul UK knew that by eliminating inefficiencies across the workplace, its employees would be better positioned to achieve the charity’s mission of "giving everyone a place to call home."

The cloud-based workplace-transformation project was designed with one goal: to help Depaul better carry out its vital mission.

Case Study: Accenture's digital workplaces

Digital technologies are changing the way we work every day. It also allows organizations to pivot quickly during the time of crisis. To take full advantage of digital, traditional offices need to transform into digital workplaces.

This case study explains how Accenture’s internal IT and global Workplace organizations are collaborating to drive the transformation of workplaces for Accenture’s network offices and delivery centers around the world. The vision is to create truly human and truly digital workplaces that enable people connect and innovate in new ways to be their best selves and to serve clients better.

The vision for the Accenture digital workplace is to create truly human and truly digital workplaces.


Workplace experience research: Executive summary

New research from Avanade and Accenture identifies that creating sustainable business value requires a dynamic and holistic approach to workplace transformation that encompasses technology, operations, culture and EX.