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A new approach to warehouse automation

May 31, 2021 4-MINUTE READ


In brief

Warehouse automation is now essential

A new path to warehouse automation

Align around a broader vision

Re-evaluate the relevance and role warehouses are expected to play in overall supply chain strategies.

Avoid one-size-fits-all solutions

Categorize warehouses based on the complexity of operations and labor intensity requirements to identify the right technology solutions.

Measure all that matters

Identify and include the less obvious but vital returns when calculating ROI.

Build end-to-end digital connectivity

Integrate and combine technologies to facilitate impactful automation and autonomy.

Painting a bigger picture

About the Authors

Antoine Martin

Industry X, Autonomous Robotic Systems, North America

Raghav Narsalay

Accenture Research Lead for the Metaverse Continuum Business Group

Umesh Inamdar

Associate Director – Digital Transformations and Detroit Innovation Center Lead, Industry X

Martin Brickell

Senior Manager – Retail

Rushda Afzal

Manager – Digital Transformation Research and Detroit Innovation Center Research Lead, Industry X

Ida Nair Sharma

Associate Research Manager – Digital Manufacturing and Operations, Accenture Research, Industry X

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The Big Read

Maximize your investments

A new approach to warehouse operations.

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We depict 4 steps essential to automate warehouse operations that maximize the returns from digital investments.