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The future of the asset management operating model

December 16, 2019 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Taking steps forward

Back office

Custody: Innovation is pronounced in the custody world, and DLT will be a primary player; disrupting numerous aspects of the trade lifecycle.

Reconciliations: Leveraging intelligent automation and analytics allows talent to focus on resolving breaks with the highest risk and front-running transactions with predictive modeling.

Valuations: New technologies and analytics to supplement the core infrastructure can improve a company’s risk profile and control framework.

Across every core function of the enterprise lies an opportunity to transform the way that operations are analyzed and directed.

Middle office

Direct your data’s future with a strong foundation

Talent and organizational culture

Move fast to thrive

Ross Tremblay

Managing Director – Asset Management

Ross specializes in large-scale transformational initiatives in the middle and back offices in the asset management industry.

Caroline Chambers

Senior Manager – Asset Management​

Caroline is focused on operational strategy and business process redesign for asset management firms.

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