Accenture and Intel: Accelerating client transformation

Renowned as titans in the high-tech space, Accenture + Intel share a single-minded focus to accelerate client transformation and drive co-innovation.


Intel recognizes Accenture with 2021 Global SI Partner of the Year for new markets growth award

We enable co-innovation

Analytics and AI

Improve current Analytics and AI environments with high performance and reduced costs.


Enable businesses to transform how they handle, process, and deliver data to users anywhere, anytime through advances in AI and neuromorphic computing.


Enable enterprises to move with speed in their modernization journey to private and/or public cloud platforms.


Enable telcos to create and run transformed global networks; solutions that deliver increased performance and SLAs, cost savings, and network agility.

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Pharmaceutical supply chain management

We helped Nippon Express ignite a pharmaceutical supply chain revolution with Intel’s Connected Logistics Platform
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Client success

Accenture: Chuck Simmons

Accenture manages remote devices with Intel® vPro®

Sulubaaï Foundation use AI to save coral reefs

Siemens reduces infrastructure complexity

Evonik extracts more value from significantly larger data sets for less


Accenture and Intel support neuromorphic research project to develop robotic arm for wheelchair-bound pediatric patients

We developed new technologies to rehabilitate young patients and help them perform daily tasks.

Accenture, Intel and Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation use artificial intelligence to save coral reefs

We created an AI solution to monitor, characterize and analyze coral reef resiliency.

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Joint neuromorphic research

With Intel technology, we’re making a dramatic impact on Edge computing across diverse use cases
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Intel® Partner Connect Spring 2021

Accenture is proud to be a global Premier sponsor of IPC Spring 2021

EMEA event: April 20, 2021
APAC event: April 21, 2021
Americas event: April 22, 2021

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