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Reimagine the future of healthcare with cloud

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Reinvent healthcare operations. Evolving health access so that new therapeutic and care models deliver easier, more accessible virtual care.


Power healthcare innovation. Meeting people’s expectations for secure personalized interactions through digital-first experiences.


Humanize healthcare. Improving decisions and delivering care by integrating research evidence and clinical expertise with people’s values and preferences.


A cloud-first approach to advance innovation

How to get started

The race to cloud

Companies are reaching the inflection point to long sought value but must first overcome some persistent barriers.

Cloud for providers

Benefits of cloud for providers

Patient engagement

  • Engage patients actively and passively to enhance care quality and delivery.
  • Proactive outreach to patients for scheduling, or upon notification of a health issue by a device is just one example of new engagement models.

Care delivery

  • Deliver care anywhere without constraints of physical distance.
  • Virtual care paired with remote device monitoring can create new opportunities for providers to humanize healthcare and put people first.


  • Build a future-ready workforce that is more agile and productive.
  • Modernizing platforms will help providers introduce new capabilities at an accelerated pace so teams can do more, faster.


  • Reimagine health partnerships with new ecosystem collaboration.
  • As health + tech partnerships multiply across the provider landscape, a cloud foundation can accelerate transformation.

Care providers

  • Securely enable care providers to put people at the center.
  • As ransomware cases accelerate in hospital systems, having a cloud foundation can improve the security posture, ensuring patient data is secure.

Developing a cloud-first EMR strategy

Oliver Grange


How CPG leadership can drive growth


Developing a cloud-first EMR strategy


Cloud for payers

Benefits of cloud for payers

Affordable access

  • Develop meaningful products and networks for better experiences.
  • Cloud-based APIs enable payers to have better collaboration across the health ecosystem.

Health outcomes

  • Curate experiences with seamless care for better health outcomes.
  • Improved integration with providers can result in greater health outcomes, like prior authorizations.


  • Improve health value with payments transformation.
  • Connected data brings on-demand transparency to the cost of care.


  • Reinvent experience for consumer and provider affinity.
  • Members’ interactions with payers can be more personalized and integrated with provider systems.


  • Work differently to make a person-centered enterprise a reality.
  • Tomorrow’s payers will evolve digital capabilities to streamline how they interact with the ecosystem.

Our leaders

Chris D’hondt

Managing Director – Connected Solutions Lead, North America

Sanjay Mehta

Managing Director – Health Cloud Lead, Global