Accenture SynOps

An innovative human-machine operating engine that optimizes people, technology, data and intelligence – to deliver results previously unimaginable.

Innovative human-machine operating engine

Accenture SynOps is an innovative human-machine operating “engine” that optimizes the synergy of data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and talent to help organizations transform business operations, create exceptional user experiences and deliver results previously unimaginable.

SynOps harnesses data and insights from more than 1,000 Accenture client engagements and hundreds of years of cumulative expertise across business functions, industries and domains. By synthesizing this with data from clients’ existing systems and drawing on external data to provide benchmarks, SynOps identifies high-impact opportunities for business process reinvention. The result, in addition to a higher return investment from existing IT systems, is greater insights — enabling better decisions and business outcomes.


SynOps key services

SynOps for finance

Freeing and empowering finance talent to connect with the rest of business to deliver innovative ideas.

SynOps for procurement

Creating intelligent source-to-pay experiences while delivering unprecedented cost efficiencies.

SynOps for marketing

Activating targeted and personalized digital-first campaigns in high-priority markets.

SynOps for Finance

Moving finance from transactional to strategic

SynOps for Procurement

Delivering the right information at the right time

SynOps for Marketing

Activating exceptional customer experiences

"SynOps’ greatest value is in how it creates compound intelligence from emerging technologies powered by human expertise to deliver better insights, which lead to better-informed decisions, stronger outcomes — and results previously unimaginable."

– NIRAV SAMPAT, Group Technology Officer – Accenture Operations

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