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Solutions.AI for Marketing

2022 Sammy award winner

Attribution platform recognized by Business Intelligence Group

Delivering exceptional customer experiences

Solutions.AI for Marketing Explained

"Accenture helped us drive innovations at speed and at scale so we can present Changi customers with personalized, stress-free and positively surprising experiences."

— STEVE LEE, Chief Information Officer and Group SVP of Technology – Changi Airport Group

What we deliver

Value-led marketing strategy

We align customer, category, and channel priorities with insight-driven use cases, ensuring marketing strategies support overall business objectives and deliver the most value for customers.

Single view of the customer

We develop a real-time data architecture that creates signals that generate the best offers and continued customer engagement.

Hyper-personalization delivery

We use robust AI-enhanced solutions to harmonize disparate data records and leverage omni-channel targeting to deliver hyper-relevant customer offers and experiences.

Granular ROI measurement

We measure true omni-channel responses at a granular level to provide a full picture of the customer experience and the channels that are generating the highest ROI.

Our solutions are pre-built for multiple industries, including: Retail, Consumer Goods, Communications and Media, Life Sciences, and Financial Services.

The AI impact


increase in marketing ROI


increase in conversions through Next Best Offer or Next Best Action


increase in upsell through more personalized communication


point increase in Net Promoter Score for overall journey satisfaction

Case studies

Optimal planning with AI

How a leading US retailer used AI to improve marketing spend.

Leading Nordic Financial Group

Turning AI-driven marketing from theory to practice and discovering new revenue opportunities.


Transforming digital marketing efforts to boost brand awareness and create personalized experiences.
At a glance

Solutions.AI for Marketing

Our capabilities

Consumer-360 platform (C360)

Integrate first- and third-party data for a real-time, 360-degree view of the consumer that identifies the unique highest-value opportunities and experiences for each.

Attribution platform

Attribute the impact of every interaction leading to a sale or other desired KPI and optimize content across channels, audiences, and products to maximize ROI.

Personalization engine

Generate and scale hyper-personalized insights to activate and deliver campaigns, content, recommendations, and offers in real time, across channels, while self-optimizing customer offerings and allowing scenario experimentation.

Next best experience platform

Predict customer value and identify and offer the optimal next best action to increase cross-sell/upsell, boost revenue, reduce customer calls, and improve customer satisfaction in real time.


Creating experiences for purpose-driven growth​

What we think

Responsible AI: From principles to practice

To create trust in AI, organizations must move beyond defining Responsible AI principles and put those principles into practice.

Are you ready to go AI pro?

How companies can scale AI by "professionalizing" their approach, with AI roles, training, processes & literacy.

Using data and AI to truly understand the customer

Combining data and AI can create customer analytics solutions designed to build customer brand loyalty.

Are your marketing analytics living in the past?

A new wave of digital attribution and personalization models has given rise to near-real-time, consumer event-level optimization.

Marketing measurement in the cookie-free world

Accenture's Tim Higgins talks about how organizations can prepare for upcoming changes to data and privacy laws.

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Meet our lead

Paul Fernon

Senior Principal – Applied Intelligence, Solutions.AI for Marketing Lead

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