Application Engineering R&D

We pioneer new application engineering approaches, tools, and architectures for complex, human-centered, adaptive and trustworthy applications.

Application engineering R&D agenda

A new breed of applications is emerging due to the profound impact of technologies like DLT, AI and Quantum, and concerns like trust and human-centricity. We shape the future of application engineering essential for engineering such applications.

Responsible Software Engineering

Software architectures and tools for engineering trustworthy, inclusive and energy-friendly applications

Intelligent Cloud Engineering

Data-sovereignty driven application architecture; Site reliability engineering; Multi-cloud interpret-ability assessment tools

Human-Centered Software Engineering

Architectures for context-driven and adaptive applications based on human affects, Smart Spaces

Software Engineering for Quantum Computing

New methods, tools, developer skills and team structures required for building quantum computing applications

Growth Market Innovations

Engineering inclusive and sustainable solutions for Growth Markets like India

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Harnessing trust in software delivery lifecycle

The blockchain-enabled framework for injecting transparency and auditability of development tasks throughout the software development life cycle required for engineering responsible and “trustworthy” applications.


Leading quality engineering into the new

We explain how across five dimensions—data, frameworks, process, technology, and the organization—testing will shift away from the traditional approaches towards new ideas and new methodologies.

Latest news from Application Engineering R&D

Accenture Labs at Automated Software Engineering Conference

Five papers on Responsible SE, Human-centered SE and AI-driven SE at the 34th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering. ASE 2019

Trustworthy Machine Learning Models

Testing the Generalizability, Robustness and interpret-ability for building a trustworthy machine learning model.

What we think

The continuum of technology and experience reshaping business.

Tech strategies for innovation and growth.

Non-profits and NGOs are embracing blockchain for humanitarian efforts. Yet, why are most of these applications still in pilot stages?

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