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Sara's social shopping experience

Sara buys breakfast with 1 click

Sara wakes up to a notification from her social platform that her go-to coffee shop posted a new breakfast special. She taps the picture to add it to her order (which the app autofills for her) and checks out with one tap. She picks it up on her way to work.

Sara gets an in-app bulk buy discount

At work, Sara checks her phone and her brother invited her to buy wine through the app’s group buying feature to get a bulk discount. Sara hasn’t tried this blend, but the reviews are positive and the price is right, so she joins.

Sara tries on sunglasses in AR

During lunch, Sara and her friends simultaneously browse sunglasses within the same app on their phones and her friends add their picks to her cart. Sara uses an AR feature to try on her favorites in a video chat with her friends to decide. She uses her crypto wallet to buy a pair for her avatar.

Sara gets commission from a curated brand's app

After work, Sara meets her friend Chloe for a workout. When Chloe asks where Sara got her leggings, Sara sends her a link to purchase them from the storefront she personally curated on the app with products from her favorite activewear brand. She loves making commission off products she believes in.

Sara buys directly from a livestream

At night, Sara watches her favorite creator livestream her new hairdryer. Sara’s stylist had recommended it, but seeing it live during the stream seals the deal – she buys it from the video. She books a hair appointment on her stylist’s profile and sends her inspiration photos via chat.

Earning permission to play, compete and win

Optimizing the social commerce experience

First, invest in the brilliant basics

Top 10 features for a social commerce experience

…because without them, you won’t build trust

Barriers indicate challenges in converting hesitant users, and improving the experience for shoppers


as likely to buy from the same seller/shop/influencer again


as likely to buy a brand they have not heard of before


as likely to buy a bundle of products or services that have been recommended together

Then create an engaging social commerce experience

Global appetite for social commerce

The evolution of social commerce by country

So, what are the implications?

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