Automate at scale to augment human talent

Banks know automation is an important way to reduce costs and the most critical factor for the digitization of business processes. The industry as a whole has made great strides in automating manually-intensive and repetitive operational tasks across the value chain.

The proportion of banks that have achieved widespread or full-scale automation has more than quadrupled over the past three years—and is expected to hit 90% in the next three years.

To continue this trajectory and realize the associated cost, productivity and experience gains, banks once again should look beyond the technology itself. They should scale automation in lockstep with augmenting human talent to drive operational maturity.

The reality is that automation has changed (and will continue to change) how humans work and the skills they need to be successful. It shifts higher-value tasks to people, to make people more productive and work more satisfying.

"We are automating the easiest of the tasks, such as using enriched, dynamic data [about] personal finance to automate marketing and reporting. This way, clients can make an investment or personal finance related decision on their own."

– A senior bank executive

Boost AI power across the enterprise with cloud

It’s a powerful advantage that yields insights into performance measurement and improvement that leads to operational risk reduction, higher compliance and increased customer satisfaction.

A graphic explaining that 71% of banks say they design their operating model based on data rather than on executive experience or intuition

Even so, banks have to keep excelling here, getting even better at utilizing data by breaking down conventions and rigid organizational structures that trap it in silos.

Improving their ability to scale AI is a key opportunity for banks to make different—and better—use of data. Banks can improve core processing accuracy and efficiency with advanced AI-powered data and analytics platforms. As banks look to scale AI, the cloud can boost momentum.

Cloud costs have decreased consistently over the last five years, and cloud security and regulatory compliance offer strong controls. Banks are also getting better at realizing their expectations of cloud—in a recent global survey:


of banks reported fully achieving their cost saving expectations.


of banks were satisfied with the speed to market and resilience achieved.

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