Accenture runs its core financial processing on a single global system instance of SAP S/4HANA®—a demonstration of truly leading in the New as Accenture was among the first companies of its size and scale to migrate to SAP S/4HANA.

Accenture today is a more diverse business. This means operating with insight, agility, efficiency and compliance across multiple business units and business processes is essential. Our implementation of SAP S/4HANA was groundbreaking in that it is drove change across every dimension of our businesses. We are our own best credential in this and other SAP software and functional domains.

“SAP helps us deliver value and innovation across the enterprise by building insight, agility and efficiency into all aspects of our work.”

— Dan Kirner, Managing Director, Global SAP Program – Accenture Internal IT Organization

Accenture on SAP | Powering the Intelligent Enterprise

Accenture's Dan Kirner shares how our implementation of SAP S/4HANA is helping us deliver value and innovation across the enterprise. See more.

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Strategy and solution

We leverage SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions across Accenture business functions and in areas such as analytics, cloud and platforms, to deliver value and innovation to Accenture.

SAP S/4 and HANA

Get informed on the latest innovations and read about Accenture's implementations of SAP.

Finance Transformation

See the opportunities and solutions provided by SAP within finance.

Sourcing and Procurement

Gain insight on redefining your organization’s procurement process and ecosystem.


Learn the benefits of optimizing SAP.


Understand the ins and outs of compliant global security operations.


“For the past three or four years, we have been pivoting Accenture to the New,” says Andrew Wilson, Accenture CIO. “We believe wholeheartedly in the platform economy. We are powered by platforms and platform partners like SAP and Microsoft. With SAP, we are transforming our business.”

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