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Software has become a disruptive force across every industry. As a result, it’s a powerful new driver of business strategy. To become more intelligent and succeed in the New, companies must rethink how they design, build and test the software and applications they create.

We can help you transform your testing organization into an innovation-led and insight-driven quality engineering function. We push the boundaries of testing automation by mobilizing analytics and AI, evolving operating models and approaches with Agile and DevOps, and helping you pivot your testing workforce.

With more than three decades of experience, we serve more than 1,000 testing clients across more than 40 industries. Our software testing services are designed to help you unlock business value and drive brand assurance while mastering the basics of speed, quality and productivity.


We offer the entire breadth and depth of software testing services across a variety of applications, digital technologies and industries. Your solution will be customized and delivered with flexibility to meet your needs.

AI testing

We validate the safety, reliability and transparency of AI systems with a unique teach and test framework to help you build AI responsibly.

Digital testing

Using AI, analytics, IoT, blockchain, application security and more, we help test and monitor end-user experiences across channels and seize market potential.

Security testing

Build resilience and ward off attacks and data breaches by testing the security of your data, applications, APIs and development process.

Core testing

We provide the full range of testing for both enterprise and custom applications to help you reduce downtime and risk while increasing business value.

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Platforms and frameworks

Intelligent, automated testing is what we do. Our platforms and frameworks allow you to integrate tools from leading players like Akamai, Applause, Micro Focus, Tricentis and Worksoft, deploying them independently or through Accenture myWizard®.

Touchless Testing Platform

Automated, AI- and analytics-driven software testing empowers you to bring new enterprise software solutions to market faster and with higher quality.

Omni-Channel Testing Platform

Your end-user experience should be seamless, no matter the interface. Fast-track your digital application testing while improving market potential.

Teach and Test Framework

Testing is critical to AI development. Select the right data, models and algorithms to prevent bias and risk while improving ethics and effectiveness.

Digital Security Testing Framework

Manage security threats, compliance gaps and privacy issues across your portfolio of enterprise, commercial and business-critical applications.

Accenture myWizard®

With myWizard, you can move beyond productivity and cost reduction to focus on infusing greater speed and intelligence into your applications. Learn more.

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Want the best results from AI? Ask a human.

Bias. Sarcasm. Public image. Damage control.

These are not uniquely social issues faced by humans alone. As AI systems become more prevalent and powerful, they continue to struggle with learned bias, interpreting context and mitigating the broader consequences of their actions—which has huge implications for businesses using them.

Because they're so different from standard software programs, AI and machine-learning systems need continuous training and monitoring. Learn from Accenture experts as they weigh in on the three guiding principles for adopting AI in this article from the MIT Sloan Management Review.

Case studies

Core testing for a trading company

With our AI and analytics-driven Touchless Testing Platform we helped improve trade risk visibility and drive end-to-end test automation.

Digital testing for an insurance company

We enabled end-to-end, automated regression testing of mobile devices with a 5x decrease in cost per execution.

AI testing for a financial services company

With our Teach and Test framework we helped train a conversational virtual agent to achieve an 85 percent accuracy rate on customer recommendations.

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What we think

Explore how modern testing is shifting away from the traditional approach in five key areas.

Testing AI: Teach and Test to raise responsible AI

Humans and machines face similar educational challenges. Learn how we foster ethical AI decision-making.

Our Touchless Testing has helped reduce timelines by 30 to 50 percent. We teamed up with Intel to break it all down.

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Awards and recognition

Learn why our intelligent testing services have earned us industry praise year after year.


Named a leader for extensive service offering and integration of new technologies



Named #1 innovation leader and "lighthouse for innovation"



Leader in IT Application Dev-Test PEAK Matrix™ Assessment for Solutions



Star performer for Independent Testing Services Report


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