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Helping Life Sciences companies deliver patient services that improve health outcomes

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Global patient services survey [insights]

Connecting patients to the services they need
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Supporting better patient outcomes

Industry disruption has created a need to pivot to the “new”—new customers, new value measures, new R&D, new therapeutic solutions, new business strategies and new science. It also demands a shift from product-focused to patient-centered digitally enabled solutions—all focused on delivering life-changing patient outcomes.

We help life sciences companies embrace this evolving landscape through evidence-based patient services from pre-diagnosis through ongoing treatment, generating new opportunities and empowering our clients to lead and make a difference in patients’ lives. Our services are enabled by the INTIENT Patient product suite, a solution that leverages proprietary technology and delivers advanced analytics, end-to-end connectivity capabilities, and access to unique data and insights.

Greater insights and collaboration

We’re helping our clients innovate new health businesses through unique services and technology. Our clients are redefining how they incorporate the patient into the development, launch, and support of their products and digital health solutions.

Real-world outcomes research

Provide solutions to drive deeper patient insight for design of studies, services, digital solutions and commercial agreements.

Patient engagement support

Activate the healthcare community to increase awareness, access and adherence.

Integrated patient care

Enable coordinated patient services that provide improved support for clinical care.

Personalized commercial execution

Bring novel data and insights to inform campaign design, content and channels.

Precision medicine delivery

Helps organizations capture, store, import, standardize and analyze volumes of data for personalized patient treatment delivery.

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Health and Life Sciences Experience survey 2021

Our comprehensive survey of 1800 people in the US
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Powering patient-first solutions

Industry leaders are looking for ways to drive clinical and economic success through new research and development, specialized therapeutic solutions and business strategies that bring greater value to patients. Companies are turning to technology to can help them achieve this vision, while at the same time improving productivity and efficiency.

The INTIENT Patient product suite—part of the INTIENT Platform—is the supporting technology for Accenture’s comprehensive, outcomes-based patient services. Enabled by technology, our services are helping life sciences companies provide more informed, connected patient support.

What our clients and patients are saying

Since 2013, we have been surveying patients, life sciences companies and healthcare professionals on their experiences with and expectations of patient services. Here is what they told us:


of patients believe pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide services that complement their products.


patients are aware of the services that pharmaceutical companies offer.


of companies are raising their investment in patient-centric capabilities over the next 18 months.


of healthcare professionals are very aware of patient services.


of patients believe that pharma companies should be working more closely with patient organizations to help create a seamless patient experience.

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Case studies

Accenture helped a biopharma company implement a patient-centered platform to manage the delivery of a personalized gene therapy solution.

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