Oil and gas business process management

We help drive organizational transformations with process at the core.

Transforming your business strategically

Business process management (BPM) is a management discipline for identifying strategic priorities and aligning them to your corporate vision. We help bring vital business processes up to speed with transformation initiatives.

With an integrated approach to process management—from strategy to execution and monitoring and optimization—we ensure that key business processes can be managed with as much rigor as other critical business assets. BPM is often confused with Lean Six Sigma, Process Optimization or one-time initiatives, but BPM can enable much broader business outcomes if implemented and adhered to holistically.

Why Accenture

The Business Process Ecosystem focuses on data, process, technology and people.

In today’s volatile business and technology environment, oil and gas companies need process capabilities that enable them to react rapidly to change by strengthening the integration between four key dimensions: people, process, data and technology. Our BPM services encompass the entire oil and gas value chain—from upstream to midstream to refining to marketing and retail.

At Accenture, we bring together these key dimensions with a process-led and data-driven approach to define a “Business Process Ecosystem”.

We help energy companies achieve agility with process-centric thinking to strengthen the culture within the organization.

Operating model and process strategy

Drive sustainable growth with strategized, prioritized and aligned businesses initiatives

  • Operating model design and development
  • Capability diagnostic and roadmap
  • Process-driven merger and acquisition

Process transformation

Redefine business outcomes enabled by data driven, intelligent and efficient business processes

  • Process design and modeling
  • Process discovery and monitoring
  • Process benchmarking
  • Process governance

Digital enablement and transformation

Accelerate and digitally transform the innovation agenda

  • Process-led digital transformation
  • ERP transformation and roadmap
  • Process-led application maintenance
  • Application rationalization

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What we think

Case studies

Transforming human resources, procurement and supply chain management

Notably, we recently helped a national energy company renew its human resources and procurement and supply chain management capabilities by testing the viability and financial benefits of enhanced BPM. We conducted on-site workshops to define the process hierarchy for in-scope process areas and develop detailed business process flows.

We also configured other key tools to perform process discovery and demonstrate relevant KPIs. And we developed business use cases to demonstrate the issues in existing processes, performed simulations and provided recommendations. As a result, the company now has a single point of truth and central process repository for its process areas, and is on its way to better monitoring and improving process performance – and ultimately, benefiting from enhanced BPM across its operations.

Mapping the way to digital transformation

Another example of how we helped drive organizational change is when we worked together with a client on a comprehensive plan for transforming the company’s IT landscape to support its shift to a digital enterprise.

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