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Digital identity

Blockchain and biometrics

Secure and seamless travel

With the power of blockchain-based digital identity and biometrics, we can transform the future of international travel…and beyond.

Background checks and training records

Reduce repetition in background checks & build trusted records of education and professional certificates and licenses.

Healthcare records

Enables patients to share and manage their own health records so that they can easily get healthcare services and prescriptions anywhere.

Streamlined KYC

Accelerate the Know Your Customer process with client consent through attestations from network of banks.

Proof of ownership or insurance

Attestations of property ownership, for instance, used to get insurance or file taxes.

WEF Known Traveller Digital ID

Transitioning to digital credentials for travel

KTDI – Collaboration for secure & seamless travel

Creating the digital identity ecosystem

The Known Traveller

Introducing the Known Traveller Digital Identity concept as a catalytic prototype capable of transforming the travel and tourism sector. Read more.

Identity in a digital world

Establishing the vision for “Good Identity” and a framework for achieving it. Read more.

On the threshold of a digital identity revolution

Defining digital identity and illustrating why it is critical in the evolving digital economy. Read more.

Known Traveller Digital Identity specifications

Documenting the standards, open specifications and industry best practices that comprise the guiding principles for the KTDI concept. Read more.

Reimagining digital identity

Current identity models don’t fit digital life. A collaborative approach will build trust and provide focused, individual user experiences. Read more.

Building a trusted identity on blockchain

Building A Trusted Identity: Blockchain ID Demo

Organizations use more complex identity data

Securing new models

Desire to build a more personalized relationship and offerings with the consumer but need to ensure the person is really who they claim they are.

Protecting against fraud

Identity fraud is growing, and cyber-attacks are now normal. Organizations and consumers need to know their data is safe.

Maintaining compliance

Regulations on data privacy are getting more stringent globally, making compliance difficult and expensive to manage.

Our work with the World Economic Forum

Transition to digital credentials for travel

A playbook for assessing important considerations for multistakeholder collaboration to adopt trusted privacy-preserving digital travel credentials. Read more.

KTDI specifications guidance

WEF and Accenture's guidance on best practices in developing technologies for and piloting KTDI initiatives. Read more.

Imagining digital identity: A strategic imperative

WEF and Accenture discuss the future of digital identities and value opportunities for users and businesses alike. Read more.

Identity in a digital world

WEF and Accenture describe the concept of identity in a digital world and the anticipated social implications. Read more.

Digital identity for secure and seamless travel

WEF and Accenture describe the concept of the known traveler and the potential for digital identities to improve the travel industry. Read more.

What we think

Technology Vision 2024

Technology is becoming more human by design. The organizations who adopt and refine this emerging tech today will be poised for success tomorrow.

Picturing the value of blockchain

Public/private partnership actualizes digital ID

Meet our lead

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Innovation Incubation Group Lead


Blockchain solutions

Explore our ecosystem of blockchain offerings, alliances and collaborations.

Unique identity services

An accurate, scalable and secure identity management framework that is readily customized to meet specific client requirements.

Blockchain security

Integrate existing infrastructure with any blockchain platform to generate and protect digital keys.