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Circular supply chain

Circular production to transform supply chains


Provides controlled, shared access to applicable data and the ability to trace and verify actions as a commodity moves through its supply chain.

Digital Identity

Leverages biometrics and facial recognition to verify that each supply chain participant is linked to the right digital identity.


Biometric payment solutions share the producer’s story and lets the consumer send a direct, secure tip with fast settlement and cash endpoints.

Circular Production

Better resource planning and utilization, captures product authenticity and confirms labor sources for more achievable corporate sustainably targets.

Digital Transformation

Adopting technologies that support rising consumer interest in product provenance will position companies to thrive in the digital world.

Positive Social Impact

Circular supply chain holds the potential to change how food, and retail goods are produced, enhancing producer’s incomes and environmental outcomes.

The opportunity in agriculture


of CEOs see sustainability as important to success


of consumers would pay more for sustainable brands


small-scale farmers live on less than $2 a day

It all starts with a tip

Consumers can directly tip their farmer, rewarding responsible and sustainable practices

That improves livelihoods

Producers, in-turn, gain additional direct income, driving more diverse consumer markets

Creates jobs

A new generation of producers emerges when economic benefits ease access to agriculture insurance and a financial credit history

Improves brand reputation

Processors, distributors, wholesalers and retailers can trace product provenance, creating market differentiation for sustainability and food security.

And mitigates environmental impact

Visibility into consumer demands enables effective inventory and harvest management, reducing enormous amounts of waste.

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