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Introducing a new travel landscape

November 9, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Adapting to the brave new world of travel

Facing the forces of future travel

The new traveler

The pandemic changed many travelers’ values, with new interests and shifting demographics coming into play that travel companies need to meet head-on.

Weight of the world

At a time when businesses need their people more than ever to best serve their customers, travel companies need to adapt to economic, social, cultural and geopolitical forces.

Readiness factor

Travel companies’ ability to drive growth depends on their readiness to change, adopting new technologies and ways of doing business.

Increasing the industry’s readiness factor

Traveler experience

Elevate the traveler experience by improving retail interactions & developing end-to-end solutions that diversify revenue & build loyalty. Learn more.

Data-led travel operations

Enhance performance, reduce costs, and increase real-time decisions by tapping into cross-organizational data and insights. Learn more.

Technology transformation

Embark on a transformation journey to modernize the tech landscape, bringing forth agility, innovation & resilience, underpinned by cloud. Learn more.

Sustainable growth

Grow your business by building a sustainable revenue model that adds profitability and creates resilient revenue streams for the future. Learn more.

Workforce excellence

Respond to changes in your workforce by building a cost-efficient organization fit for purpose while improving the employee experience. Learn more.

Anshul Gupta

Managing Director – Accenture Technology

Haritini Kyriakou

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting - Growth Markets, Travel Industry NFTs

Nicole Clemente

Senior Manager – Strategy and Consulting, Travel