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Take SMB growth to new heights

August 20, 2022 7-MINUTE READ

In brief


54% of consumers are more likely to purchase from an SMB through social commerce than through traditional ecommerce2.

New growth for platforms

Opening SMBs’ and consumers’ eyes to a world of new possibility

Top barriers to social commerce adoption by SMBs

"By allowing the viewer to shop directly from YouTube, it makes shopping seamless and easy. I predict that this will heavily impact my conversion rate which will help people give my products and my brand a chance to become part of their everyday life!"

— CASSEY HO, Creator & Shopify Merchant – Blogilates

Change mindsets…unlock the social commerce opportunity

"While there has been significant investment in the digital creator economy, there has been little in the way of support for the creators of brands who are building exceptional physical product."

— IMRAN KHAN, Verishop CEO

There are three actions that platforms need to take to start on the journey to realizing the shared value of social commerce.

TikTok created a 6-week course called Follow Me, aimed at SMBs to help them use the platform to drive real-world results. It includes best practices, how to set up an account and use features such as Ad Manager and Promotion to improve performance.

If platforms walk lockstep with SMBs throughout the social commerce learning curve and develop the tools to empower them, they can turn SMBs from customers into true advocates.

It is time to ignite SMB growth

About the Authors

Louise Barrere

Managing Director and Generative AI Acceleration Hub Lead

Stephanie Gorski

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms

Laura McCracken

Managing Director – eCommerce & Payments, Global

Kevin Collins

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Innovation & Offerings, Global

Killian Barry

Senior Manager – Functional Strategy

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