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Blueprint for service success

November 17, 2020

In brief

The need for service transformation

The right pivoting approach allows Champions to achieve 60% service profitability.

Pivoting approaches for service transformation

Pivoting pitfalls

Few service capabilities

Building service sales and delivery skills/resources, and digital and analytics capabilities is a challenge for all categories.

Collaboration confusion

All categories struggle to find the right collaboration model for legal agreements and data sharing.

Poor investment focus

While Strivers’ investments lack focus, Traditionalists’ IT hasn’t attained the maturity level to support new services.

Inadequate service management practices

Strivers and Traditionalists lack effective service management practices and related key performance indicators.

Focus areas for a successful service transformation

Integrated sales approach and ambitious targets

Includes cost transparency, product-service alignment, customer intimacy along the entire service lifecycle and strategic service sales.

Systematic digital services investment

A digital, cloud-based IT investment approach that systematically develops new services and resources, with a view to long-term profitability.

Effective, scalable delivery including cloud

Entails standardized offerings and delivery processes, continuous learning, and self-serving capabilities for customers.

Proactive service ecosystem management

Focus on strategic management and collaboration to power service innovation.

Change is here, are you ready?

About the Authors

Maxence Tilliette

Managing Director – Industry X, Automotive, EMEA

Urban Hofström​​

Principal Director

Matthias Wahrendorff

Senior Thought Leadership Principal – Accenture Research, Global IIoT and Industrial Research Lead

Clara Weissenberger

Management Consultant​

Oliver Marti​​

Management Consultant​

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