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Live Interview

Caterpillar: Outpacing change with continuous innovation

An interview with Ogi Redzic, Chief Digital Officer at Caterpillar


In the midst of the pandemic, businesses everywhere sought to reinvent themselves. The biggest learning of the last few years? Competition is so high and the potential of technological innovation so vast, that reinvention can no longer be confined to finite transformations – Caterpillar’s Chief Digital Officer Ogi Redzic knows this well. Three years ago, we sat down with him for the inaugural edition of The Industrialist to talk about his plan for driving digital innovation at the company. In this third year anniversary edition, we’re pleased to welcome Redzic back to find out what’s been happening at Caterpillar – and why this is just the beginning.

Accenture’s Brian May, Senior Managing Director, Industrial North America lead, interviewed Ogi Redzic about how he brought his ambition for new digital-enabled customer offerings and solutions to life. With a new clarity of purpose, find out how Ogi is embracing continuous innovation to create even better solutions and how this is impacting Caterpillar´s internal operations.

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Caterpillar is a stronger company, the stronger our digital solutions get.

Ogi Redzic / Chief Digital Officer, Caterpillar

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