?What If! becomes part of Accenture

Accenture has acquired ?What If!, a UK based firm, that uses an experimentation-driven approach to help clients incubate new products, services and organizational cultures.

Experimentation-led approach

Since its establishment in 1992, ?What If! has developed many programs, tools, and methods to train and educate people and organizations on building an innovation culture, including proprietary metrics that can measure the commercial viability of a project. The firm has codified the individual and organizational mindsets, skills, and working practices that are needed to spark and sustain innovative thinking within large, established organizations, serving as a trusted C-suite advisor.

?What If! serves FTSE 100 and other leading companies across a variety of industries—including healthcare, finance, high tech, industrial, mobility, and consumer goods and services. Its primary areas of focus include brand and customer engagement, product innovation, and enterprise innovation.

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