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COVID-19: Building on a trusted platform

July 14, 2022

July 2020: Building on a trusted platform

March 2020: The Challenge for Communications and Media

How to manage now

Response governance

  • Create and deploy a response room infrastructure and leadership
  • Stand up cross-functional rapid response teams to deal with emerging challenges
  • Communications: focus on surge in demand for data, network optimization, customer queries and complaints, workforce management etc.
  • Media: focus on revenue protection, content & advertising, workforce management etc.

Business continuity

  • Assess and address potential supply chain and network disruption
  • Validate business continuity plans – internally and with external partners
  • Manage employee stress and mental health with positive actions – create a thorough employee engagement plan
  • Prepare to 'return to normal' as efficiently as feasible – think long-term
  • Prepare and enable remote working
  • Explore options to address continuity of essential services
  • Assess financial implications and identify interventions to improve cash flow

Network management

  • Identify and prioritize mission critical network needs (e.g. healthcare, government)
  • Set up a cross functional team for short term optimization efforts
  • Set up public data lake and collection engine to aggregate network key performance indicators leveraging machine learning platforms
  • Engage with suppliers, partners and government organizations to ensure service continuity
  • Act now, and prepare for next – acceleration measures for network virtualization

Content & advertising

  • Create 'distributed' workforce management & technology plans for core activities across content creation, content distribution & advertising
  • Develop market and company scenarios that reflect near term and longer-term shifts
  • Evaluate end-to-end content supply chain; accelerate digitization and automation initiatives and cloud migration
  • Assess advertising impacts from content changes; build flexibility and speed into ad sales and operations
  • Forecast cash flow impacts; explore rapid cost reduction and management approaches to optimize resources

Customer intimacy

  • As stores close, realign workforce to ramp up contact centre capacity to handle increase in customer contacts
  • Ensure online commerce is easy and convenient for both consumers and businesses as demand shifts from physical to digital
  • Proactively engage with customers, keeping them informed of relevant updates and support services
  • Set up a design studio facility to analyse customer data, understand needs and leverage this to enrich service catalogue and customer offers
  • Support cash flow challenged consumers and businesses

What's next for communications and media companies?

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