A human-centered approach to creating future mobility ecosystems

Mobility ecosystems are on the brink of a revolution. The way we move people and things around our cities, towns, rural spaces, and transport networks is set to be radically altered by pervasive digital connectivity, autonomous technologies, and a growing awareness of the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions.

Can the mobility ecosystem raise its game? Can seamless door-to-door services become a reality, while managing uncertain passenger demand?

To do so, significant integration is needed between public, private, collective, and individual transport providers.

Historically siloed organizations will need to open up their systems to let others participate in and contribute to core service offerings. And integrated bodies like national railways will have to consider how they need to change to secure a place in this future ecosystem.

Henning Radermacher

Principal Director – Rail and Transit, Austria, Switzerland and Germany


Orchestrating a mobility ecosystem
COVID-19: Fast-tracking the rail and transit revival

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