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Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

One integrated process

A new loan origination process ensures efficiency and speed from the moment a customer applies for a new auto loan through the dispersal of funds.

New levels of efficiency

The process orchestration at the core of the platform virtually eliminates manual transactions, redundancies, paper and human errors.

Real-time visibility

All key stakeholders can view the status of the application in real time from anywhere (including a mobile app).

With an intelligent operating model, the bank is well positioned to reshape the future of auto finance—creating better experience for customers.

A valuable difference


The bank saw a 50% increase in car loans sales, along with a double-digit drop in total costs, cutting total lead time from days to minutes.


In just five months, it jumped to first place (from fourth) in market share.


The new business and operating model has made life simpler for nearly 20,000 car dealerships, customers, bank employees and services providers.

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