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How to create a unified e-commerce platform

For web-shops, especially those of flower arrangements, business can be very fragile. One misplaced or faulty order and the customer does not return. That’s why Dutch Flower Group (DFG) immediately grasped the opportunity to fortify their online channel's technical abilities.

As a leader in its industry, DFG must always act fast to keep its position. The company recognized the main challenge was to create a stable e-commerce platform. The platform should be capable of handling an enormous volume of products and prices each day while providing an excellent customer experience. The goal was for floral wholesale companies to control, customize, and maintain their brand identity on the websites.

Understanding the customer journey

With the support of Accenture, DFG began using design thinking and agile delivery methods, such as user research and story mapping, to determine what the ideal customer journey would look like online. 

The first step was to develop an understanding of which functions are most valued by customers. DFG and Accenture could then create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) based on the latest SAP Commerce Cloud Version 2. This version allows a holistic view of capabilities. It enables brand-new features like customizable data insights and multichannel capabilities, and the flexibility needed to scale and grow the organization consistently. Hence, Accenture and DFG were able to create a version of the product good enough to get customer feedback for future and continuous development.

Next up was sharing the MVP to a selected group of customers - two DFG's floral wholesalers - who provided feedback on the functionalities they thought to be most important. Thanks to this feedback, the team could rapidly optimize the data loads needed during peak business hours and so be able to generate revenue rapidly. Accenture and DFG designed and launched a flexible product model that automates product creation and allocation, allowing DFG to manage personalized assortments and provide relevant product recommendations for all their customers on a large scale. Through the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, growers could sell flowers and plants to customers around the world in just a few minutes. Accenture also rearranged the supply chain within DFG's trading platform to optimize the customer's browsing experience.
"To be the leader, you must be bold. We incorporated the latest tech to create a better webshop for our customers and the customers of our customers."
–Michel van Hout,  CIO – Dutch Flower Group

The impact of the project

DFG has now set a new benchmark in the floricultural industry. By simplifying the search and order process, it created more relevant product recommendations for its importing wholesale customers. Customers can now easily navigate different categorized assortments and switch between the available products on their desired delivery dates, thanks to the optimized catalog and category management. DFG's direct customers can also open a branded white label web-shop for their customers, manage the available assortment, and set the correct price margins. In addition to the amended and improved customer functionalities, the six floral wholesalers can easily manage their 19 web-shops using only one platform.

The brand-new solution clears up time for employees to create lasting relationships with their customers while the digital team reinforces their online presence. It's a meaningful first move in the digital journey for DFG floral wholesale companies!

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