DevOps: Ready to shift to continuous delivery?

Deliver applications at the pace of business with comprehensive DevOps services from Accenture.

Don't transform. Evolve.

Application delivery has shifted from large-scale, project-based implementations to a continuous evolution.

DevOps makes this possible by bringing business, development and operation teams together and applying automated processes to streamline IT.

The ability to roll out improved business capabilities continuously has become essential in today's digital world. See how DevOps can get you there.

"The key to DevOps transformation is that there is no end-state—we must continuously evolve."

— MIRCO HERING, Global DevOps Lead

Our services

Our services span the application life cycle and can be used for any application from digital customer-facing systems to large-scale enterprise products.

Strategy: We can help you discover the benefits from technology advances that drive continuous delivery.

Implementation: Accenture can implement and run the tools necessary for supporting Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Complementary capabilities: We provide additional capabilities to extend beyond DevOps for faster delivery of IT-based solutions, including:

  • Agile: Iterative and incremental development
  • Cloud: Workload management on demand
  • Lightweight architecture: Quick set up and efficient operations
  • Security: Greater resilience and fewer threats
  • Testing: Automated test techniques

Benefits of DevOps

Our clients deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing DevOps:

Time to market

Reduce time to market by up to 50 percent through streamlined software delivery.


Increase team productivity and deliver new functionality faster.


Early identification of quality concerns, reduction of defects across the life cycle up to 30 percent.


Operational state is more stable and secure and changes are systematically available.

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From NoOps to DevSecOps and beyond

Explore how DevOps has evolved for security, finance, data and infrastructure processes, among others.

Why Accenture?

Clients choose us because of our ability to improve business agility and reduce costs. We are differentiated by our:

Complex delivery experience

We’ve created state-of-the-art architectures for DevOps for 20+ years with automation supporting delivery across digital and enterprise applications.

Integrated approach

We bring together IT strategy, deep industry knowledge, change management and large-scale application delivery.

Accenture DevOps Platform

Our Continuous Delivery preconfigured, toolchain enables projects to start rapidly using DevOps practices from the outset.

Accenture Cloud Platform

DevOps can be enabled by Accenture Cloud Platform to manage production or test workloads simply and securely, on demand, and at speed.

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Accenture DevOps Platform

The Accenture DevOps Platform is a cloud-hosted development environment for continuously testing, releasing and maintaining applications. It includes preconfigured tools, test environments, automation blueprints, leading practices and security features. It can be used to increase the speed of adoption and release at any rate your business needs, as well as reduce the cost of your DevOps infrastructure.

An Overview of DevOps Platform

Accenture's video outlines how the DevOps platform can supercharge your delivery in minutes. See more.

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